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What have the Bajans done to deserve this?

(Or the DPRK update.....)

"President Kim Il Sung's famous work "For Carrying Forward and Accomplishing the Socialist Cause" was brought out in pamphlet in Barbados on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the foundation of the DPRK". Source

So famous that the various DPRK sites do not include it in their online libraries. Given that the Bridgetown Parliament only has Socialist and Social Democratic MPs, perhaps it is ripe for a bit of Juche, although Songun ('Military First') might be a bit of a struggle given that Bajan armed forces do not seem to extend beyond two battalions, out of a population of some 280,000.

The Western Hemisphere appears to be fertile ground, as "An inaugural ceremony for the Ecuadorian National Preparatory Committee for Commemorating the Day of the Sun and February 16 in 2009 was held in Quito on Nov. 26". (Is 16/2/9 that worth feting? Illumination would be welcome). At the ceremony Milton Burbano, chairman of the Ecuadorian Cultural Institute for the Study of the Juche Idea, was elected general coordinator of the preparatory committee and Daniel Alvarez Celi, chairman of the Ecuadorian Committee for Supporting Korea's Independent and Peaceful Reunification, chairman of the preparatory committee". Source

Doubtless the election was closely contested....

Perhaps there is something we in these parts could learn from the Koreans, as "History records write that besides the country of true gentlemen, Korea was called as true gentlemen's country, country of good manners, etc. in the east. Korea came to have such good name because her people are courteous, possess noble trait, treat guests with virtues and accord kind hospitality to them".

Greater levels of courtesy and so forth here would be most welcome.

Meanwhile, here is the Korean peninsula by night:

I believe the lights to the east shows the Korean squid fishing fleet, which is big on underwater illumination.


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Blogger Bruce Fleming said... 9:17 pm

Found them.

For the intrepid, its SOAS Library, Level D (aka first floor), Stack 242. Collected works of the Great Leader run to 37 volumes, each at least 400 pages thick, or about six million words in total at a conservative estimate, and I am not sure if that incldues all the improvised speeches and ex tempore advice to zookeepers.

Vol XXV page 59: "On further developing the poultry industry".

I have been confronted by some pretty gristly stuff in my time and maybe it's been a long week, but today I had to admit to comprehensive intellectual defeat.

I counted at least four volumes by harmless DPRK drudges devoted entirely to the Juche idea, which I intend to consult again when I am feeling a bit more resilient.

There might be some subtle paradox at work here ... but if you'll excuse me it's Friday night and I am minded to wet the whistle.

Bon weekend.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:22 am

6 million words? Cripes!  

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