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Of Korean puppets, Northern and Southern

Much has been going on in the northern of the two successor states to the Hermit Kingdom in the last 24 hours, and here are the highlights:

"The DPRK team beat its Japanese rival 2-1 in the quarterfinals of the 2008 FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup". And no comment about the triumph of the Juche ideal manifesting itself in this overcoming of the hated Japanese. Astonishing.

Elsewhere, all Juche and no play makes, cough, Kim a dull child, so the Pyongyang Puppet Show Troupe has updated its repertoire:

"The short piece "Musical Entertainment of Our Sub-Branch" is based on the theme of preparing a musical entertainment of a sub-branch of the Children's Union. After appreciating it, school children say in unison they came to know well that if they pool strength, they can do anything difficult".

Metadrama, eh? They'll be breaking the Fourth Wall next. Perhaps the Childen's Union can press for extra dollops of kimche and later bedtimes.

Showing the rich command of comic timing that is the hallmark of the KCNA, the next but one item is entitled "S. Korean Puppets' Wild Ambition to Invade DPRK Slammed".

Alas this is not a PPST production, but rather comment on "[a] bellicose scenario to realize at any cost their wild ambition to invade the north". But, "The puppets are, however, seriously mistaken".

Elsewhere, Seoul's "[national security law], cooked up under the pretext of "national security" on December 1, 1948, is the worst evil law ever in history and it has turned into the peerlessly fascist law through continued retrogressive revision over the last decades".

I could name a few other contenders.

The hackney carriage trade in Seoul would not seem to employ folk with a similar mindset to those in these parts if the KCNA is to believed, as "Earlier, the Confederation of Taxi Drivers' Unions and the Federation of Banking Workers Unions of south Korea separately held a meeting and a rally for the general advance of financial workers in denunciation of the moves of the Lee Myung Bak group of traitors".

And the KCNA's scribes seem to have run out of similes, as "The desperate efforts made by Japan to start a reckless war against the DPRK, crying out for "closer alliance" with the U.S. in a bid to get something are as foolish a bid as jumping into the fire with fagots on its back"


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Blogger Tiresias said... 5:30 pm

Die Meistersinger is arguably a meta-music-drama but, like the soybean, reflexive art-works almost certainly originated in the DPRK.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:36 pm

And to think that Punch & Judy is just *crying out* to be rendered in a DPRK-suitable context.  

Blogger Tiresias said... 9:19 pm


Off topic ... or Songun philosophy?


Following a famous colloquy with Tony Blair in a fancy trattoria in Islington, Brown had to wait long and grudgingly to fulfil his cosmic ambitions.

But now, according to official hagiography, broadcast by word of mouth (his), Gordon is a polymath and financial wizard who, on his own and without support, can fix an apocalyptic world banking crisis. All will garland him with honours! All will run in pursuit of his triumphal chariot!

In truth, Brown is a monocular moron who knows nothing about anything apart from municipal Scottish socialism; a pusillanimous procrastinator, known for his cowardly vanishing acts, as if mimicking Macavity; a shambling cyclops, arbitrarily knocking financial controls out of whack with random blows of his clunking fists; a small town idiot who draws insults and obloquy from all but a pitiful handful of sycophants and nancy boys, such as that goggling onanist, Balls.

A Stalinist to his digit-tips, Brown long ago brought about total liquidation of any rivals with half a brain, until nobody was around to appoint to any of the top jobs apart from Dipsy, Tinky Winky, La La and Po (alias Darling, Smith, Straw and that banana-brandishing buffoon, David Milliband).

Financial wizard? A schoolboy would look adroit by comparison!

Half our gold sold for a handful of rat droppings! In hock to PFI contractors, without inclusion in PSBR - pushing junk loans from fisc to contractor to bank to fisc again: washing out blood with blood.

Following withdrawal of ACT, which gross funds could claim back, all can now look forward only to a dismal and probably shrinking annuity, and to finishing our hungry days sitting out on a back porch in a rocking chair, watching worms crawling out of stony ground...

Damn you, Brown, you charlatan! May you finish up in jail or in a lunatic asylum, putting your clunking fists to work thumping flinty walls in dumb frustration, rattling rusty bars and proclaiming to smirking visitors how you carry on with your job and at last .. . gazing stupidly at your "moral compass" through a glass darkly as its arrow spins anarchically around in Stygian shadow...

(I thank you.)

*** Finis ***  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:47 pm

Bravo. This shall be a post of its own.  

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