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It's that time of day again

No day's toil at the blogface is complete without a scan of DPRK-related oddities, so here goes - following a little prodding from Tiresias:

"Much effort is directed to research into developing remote-controlled hydro-meteorological observation facilities in the DPRK".

And it has paid off, and how:

"The Hydro-meteorological Gauge Institute under the Hydro-Meteorological Service has invented a remote-controlled water-level gauge which can measure the change of water level accurately".


The machinations of Uncle Sam are destined not to stymie such research, as "The U.S. imperialist bellicose forces are seriously mistaken if they think they can bring down the DPRK through a strategy for preemptive attack. Should the enemies infringe upon the inviolable sky, land and sea of the country even 0.001mm, the DPRK will mercilessly wipe out provocateurs with the might of Songun and thus remove the root cause of a war from this land".

Maybe not. The Korean People's Air force has 35 Mig 29s, but is otherwise reliant on some very clunky aircraft - Mig 21s etc. Note that the USAF is "pushing ahead with the moves to reinforce the ultra-modern air strike force". Including F-16's, which entered service 30 years ago, A-10's, which entered service 31 years ago and "two MH-53 copters". Apparently they were retired in September.

Should the Americans decide that current designations for its military units lack a certain je ne sais quoi, they could opt for "imperialist bellicose forces" or " imperialist aggression forces". Sounds rather more fun than the Third Fleet or Marine Forces Pacific.

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Il (born 1941) is officially one of the 'old folks' - "researchers carried out a survey among old folks above sixty and their families in nearly 60 dongs and ris of Pyongyang City, South Phyongan and South Hamgyong Provinces". I wonder if Kim was home when they knocked, clipboards in hand.

Anyway, KJI is not so doddery that he cannot still do the right thing: "General Secretary Kim Jong Il sent a wreath to the bier of winner of Kim Il Sung Prize and People's Artiste Song Tong Chun, composer of the State National Art Troupe, on Thursday, expressing deep condolences over his death".

De mortuis nil nisi bonum and so forth, but I do find myself wanting to interject 'everybody knows one' after Song Tung Chan.

Nominations for People's Artistes for these parts would be most welcome.

And from newly discovered source, Tongilkorea.net, "Recently in the United States, publications that take various ways to ridicule and criticize the society filled with contradiction and unjustness as their basic contents are going around. The prominent example is “100 Ways America Is Screwing Up the World” authored by John Tirman, a univerisity (sic) professor". Source

The book was published over a year ago as a paperback, and can be had for a penny - used - via Amazon.

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Blogger Nick Drew said... 5:42 pm

Song Tung Chan

it's clear Spike Milligan (PBUH) writes that stuff  

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