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Paper tigers...

A thousand years ago, or rather last Friday, the KCNA reported this:

"Should the enemies infringe upon the inviolable sky, land and sea of the country even 0.001mm, the DPRK will mercilessly wipe out provocateurs with the might of Songun and thus remove the root cause of a war from this land".

And today it has this to say:

"The U.S. imperialist aggression forces committed at least 110 cases of aerial espionage against the DPRK in November and the south Korean puppet armed forces more than 90 cases in the same period, according to a military source. The U.S. imperialists flew south Korea-based U-2 to spy on areas of the DPRK on Nov. 27 and 28. This plane perpetrated such espionage dozens of times".

Whoops. More from the mad house later, probably, but that one could not wait.

Note that the plane has been in front line service since 1957, a bit like the Lancaster still being operational at the time of Gulf War One.

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Blogger Nick Drew said... 10:19 am

These Son-guns are obviously quite useless

though I recall Dr Who's Son-icscrewdriver was jolly good for changing the polarity of whatever he took it to  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:33 am

During a bout of insomnia that lasted most of last night I was working on the DPRK song book, and thus far have 'Song Sung Blue' (see passim) and 'Juche Coochie Man' for KIJ himself. And 'Korea Opportunities'.  

Blogger Tom said... 11:10 am


US forces do have U2 deployed in S.Korea, and it is being strengthened with other deployments as well.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:22 am

Tom, I don't doubt that there are U-2's in those parts. I was more interested in the DPRK's admission of powerlessness in the face of high altitude surveillance, Friday's bluster notwithstanding.  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 12:19 pm

This is Seoul music I assume, C

(by L'il Kim ? L'il Kim Sung ?)

Or perhaps a (dear) Lieder recital ?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:41 pm

Nick - Yup, that self-same Sweet Seoul Music. At the risk of wading far too deep into musical genres outside my area of experience, KIJ is quite likely in the Junglist Massive

Like the lieder joke too.  

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