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More from Belgium

Mainly because the comments of Philip Dewinter of VB on the Walloons are less than, erm, nuanced:

"[Flanders] has had it up to here with the underhand dealings of the Walloons". The VB intends "to keep Brussels as the capital of Europe and Flanders, and 'maintain 'facilities' for Francophones but wants to dynamite the bridges with Wallonia" . "Belgium is an artificial country, we have nothing in common with the Walloons. It is another another mentality, another economy, another country. It is time the Walloons learnt to walk unaided, without the €13 billion transferred annually from Flanders". Looks like separate beds, doesn't it?

I've been expecting the Walloons and the Flemish to divorce for years, ever since I read an article in Le Monde Diplo that noted there are two Belgian Olympic committees - one Flemish, one Walloon with each selecting half the squad. I don't think I need to open up a road map to project that particular piece of insanity. (I was sure I'd mentioned this before, but could not find any mention when I googled the blog). It makes England's dealings with the SNP, PC and even the Shinners look quite amicable.

Meanwhile, should Belgium split, at least the two would seem likely to have rather more imaginative flags, care of the excellent Flags of the World site:



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Blogger The Hitch said... 3:34 pm

Just imagine being able to introduce yourself thus
"Hello I am a walloon"  

Blogger Stan Bull said... 5:28 pm

Any potential nation that adopts a cock motif is asking for trouble.  

Blogger The Hitch said... 5:43 pm

we have one as prime minister, what does that make us?  

Blogger Stan Bull said... 7:10 pm

Mr. Hitchens,
No, Emily is far from being a cock-he is more like a complete cu**...  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 10:37 am

they can't split,that would lread to the govt payroll would shrink,there'd be mass unemployment  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:32 am

Surely if half the team is frogophone, that gives them an unfair advantage? Isn't Belgie/Belgique 2/3 dutch-o-phone?

10.10.06 (Double 10! prob. bad/good luck for Chinese) 12:25  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:40 am

Looks to be 60% Flemish speaking, 39% French speaking and 1% German speaking. So, good point well made.  

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