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The A(d)dams family - for real

In an act of truly spectacular courage a father / sons triple act which decided to attack an unaccompanied Muslim woman on a train in July, have been found guilty of affray and will be sentenced tomorrow. Details here.
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Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:13 am

Excuse me? Here is the headline and first sentence of the piece:

The Times October 10, 2006
Race attack on Muslim after July 7 ceremony
By Steve Bird

A WHITE Muslim convert was spat on

Who spat on her? Black people?  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 8:30 am

very,very good point that I completely missed.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 9:40 am


Well observed as usual.

Indeed, we seem to witness the appearance of a new definition of "race" unrelated to any genetics. The new definition has the advantage of being all-encompassing, thereby increasing its usefulness for all kinds of verdicts.

Why wasn't the incident called by its real nature: religious hatred as part of an ongoing religious war?

Probably, because many Europeans are still aware of the disastrous consequences of the numerous religious wars in European history, e.g. the war in Northern Ireland, the Thirty Years' War which devastated the continent and caused a mortality rate of 15 to 30 percent of the population or the numerous Islamic-Christian wars in Europe.

Can there be any doubt that religious tensions are rising in the UK if we read such news as Boy of 15 was seized and killed 'for being white' and Race attack on Muslim after July 7 ceremony ?

However, these and other incidents in GB are only a small insignificant part of an ongoing world-wide religious war.

Following up on Samuel Huntington's remark about the "bloody borders of Islam", some bloggers have collected world-wide data of incidents. The visualization of the data in maps is revealing. Here is the animation.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:02 am

Verity - well observed. It was late, 'it was in another country' etc.

I thought that the law extending the racial laws to religious groups was noy operational, so this is a legal conundrum.

Colin - thank you for the graphic etc.  

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