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Hansard 1909 - featuring Troughgate 1909, dacoity and gotcha o' the day

Yet more outbreaks of plus ça change:

Naval Reviews

"Sir FREDERICK BANBURY asked what has been the cost to the taxpayer of the three recent naval displays this summer, including the cost of conveyance and entertainment of Members of both Houses of Parliament?

Mr. McKENNA The special expenditure incurred in connection with the 1978 recent naval displays amounts to about £1,800.

Sir F. BANBURY May I ask the right hon. Gentleman whether I am correct in supposing that, as there were three naval displays, each cost £333 6s. 8d., and that the remaining £800 is made up of the expense of providing Members of Parliament with railway tickets?

Mr. McKENNA Oh, no; the hon. Gentleman would be entirely in error. The whole cost of the last naval display was £800, including the railway tickets, lunch, tea, and use of the ship. The railway tickets cannot be a very large part of that.

All right for some, burning our money etc etc.

Just what were the Russians up to?:

Major ANSTRUTHER-GRAY asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, whether British subjects inheriting land in Poland and the western governments of Russia are obliged to sell their land within three years, while German subjects are allowed to retain their land for 10 years; and whether he will endeavour to secure equally good treatment for British subjects?


The Imperial Ukaz of 14th March, 1887, by which I understand that these cases are still regulated, makes no distinction between foreign subjects of different nationalities who inherit land in the Kingdom of Poland, the Baltic Provinces, and the Western Government of Russia, as regards the time allowed them for the sale of their real property, which is three years in every case where that property has been acquired by indirect inheritance or by intestacy. As far as I am aware, this law is applied to all nationalities alike, but I will ask His Majesty's Chargé d'Affaires at St. Petersburg to report on the subject.
A nation eagerly awaited the answer, no doubt. I think the word 'ukaz' needs more use in these parts, frankly

And if was not the bear doing us wrong (maybe), it was the black eagle:

Major ANSTRUTHER-GRAY asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, whether he has received any official information to the effect that the Russian officers in the Persian army are to be replaced by German officers; and whether this change meets with the sanction of His Majesty's Government under the Anglo-Russian Convention?

Sir E. GREY Russian officers have been employed with the Persian Cossacks for many years. I am not aware of any reason why they should be displaced to make room for those of any other nationality, nor have I any information to show that such a step is contemplated.

Mr. J. D. REES Have we any power under the Anglo-Russian Convention to object to the employment of the officers of any nationality that the Persians might wish to employ?

Sir E. GREY There is nothing about this question in the Anglo-Russian Convention.
What was that Khamenei said about our government being the 'most evil' leading to the puffing up of patriotic chests across the nation?

Elsewhere, outbreaks of dacoity:

Sir HENRY COTTON asked the Under-Secretary of State for India whether he has now obtained official information of a case reported from Bahraich, in the United Provinces, in April last, in which innocent landholders were convicted of dacoity on false evidence manufactured by the police?

The UNDER-SECRETARY for INDIA (The Master of Elibank) There has not been time for a reply to be received to the inquiry made of the Government of India.

Dacoity is done by a dacoit, the crime being one of armed robbery. Other words that need to make a comeback in these parts.

Staying with India:

Mr. REES asked the Under-Secretary of State for India whether the rank and file and the petty officers, and all but the chief controlling officers, of the police in the Upper Provinces, Bengal, and the Punjab are natives of India; whether he has any official information showing that they belong exclusively or chiefly to exceptionally low, uneducated, or criminal classes of the population.

The MASTER of ELIBANK It is the case that except for a few European police officers in the Presidency, all but the chief controlling officers of the police are natives of India; they are recruited from the literate and respectable classes, and not from those mentioned in the question.
And I would hope so too

The all important question of the Dilke return:

Mr. MIDDLEMORE (Con) asked whether the Dilke Return for 1909 contains only such information as is known to be correct?

Mr. McKENNA The reply to the hon. Member's question is in the affirmative.

And then, shazam - GOTCHA:

Mr. MIDDLEMORE I have carefully examined the Return, and I find there are some 18 or 21 rather serious mistakes. Will the right hon. Gentleman investigate them, and let me know the result? I shall accept his judgment.

Mr. McKENNA If my hon. Friend will send me a list of the mistakes I shall try to have them amended.

Doubtless the Member for Selly Oak was dining out on that for weeks.

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Blogger All Seeing Eye said... 4:10 pm

I shall make a point of getting "ukaz" into a conversation or blogpost asap. Works like that should be allowed to disappear. Or maybe in the plural...a list of TheEye's Ukazy perhaps.  

Anonymous puzzled of nether wallop said... 4:36 pm

As a Conservative chappie, I wander what your views on feminists are. Down here in Nether Wallop they are a rum lot and I blame them for the rotten pluvieux summer we have been having.

Head feminist round these parts is Lorelei Maldemer. She swans about looking like an extra from 'Camelot' in odd velveteen ankle length dress thingies, usually in a bilious green and those loose fitting belts. Do you remember Richard Harris as King Arthur in 'Camelot'?

"Oh, Merlyn, Merlyn, why is Ginny in that castle, behind walls I cannot enter? How did I blunder into this agonizing absurdity? Where did I stumble? How did I go wrong? Should I not have loved her?"

But I digress.

Anyway, Lorelei Maldemer and her feminist pals formed a coven and announced that they were going to welcome the summer with the Beltane Fires. This apparently involved getting their kit off and prancing around a fire in Ashley's Copse on Mayday.

Naturally, yours truly was in place disguised as a rhododendron bush and with bionoculars to hand in very goor time indeed.

Well bugger me if they didn't do it!!!

Old Evadne Spode was not a pretty sight but one or two of the younger fillies were quite a sight for sore eyes with their kit off.

I felt constrained to discuss the matter with the Reverend Dawkins who was firmsly of the view that no good would come of it.

I must say, I think he has a point. What has it done all summer?

Pissed it down, that's what.

I blame Lorelei Maldemer and her coven

Some people!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:59 pm

ASE - Me too...

PNW - Each to their, as long as they don't do it in the street and frighten the horses, as the adage goes.

The name 'Lorelei' should have been enough to put you on warning, but that notwithstanding, I am not wholly convinced that we have direct causation at work here.  

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