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Bizarre survey o' the day, or so much for the compassion of the left

From, inevitably, France:

'Sarkozy was hospitalised for 24 hours. Generally speaking, do you think there has been too much talk of this, not enough or neither too much nor too little of the President's illness?'

And came the answer from the Plain People of France:

Too much - 60%
Too little - 4%
About right - 31%
Don't know - 5%

And yet again, all hail French pollsters for giving a full demographic breakdown:

My age cohort of 40 somethings are the least compassionate, with 72% considering the coverage over the top, while 25-29 year olds and the 75+ group wanted more coverage - both at 9%.

However, the split by party allegiance is the most entertaining, with 83% of Trots/PCF reckoning there was too much coverage, as did 69% of Socialists and 64% of Greens. 65% of Liberals agreed, whereas the Gaullists split 47/48 on too much / too little.

Asked whether Sarko should rest or get on with the job, Socialists opted for the former (56%), and Gaullists and Libs the latter - 55% and 49%. Elsewhere, Frontistes were keenest on his sticking to the day job - 62% and Trots/PCF keenest on him resting - 63%. I suspect that the latter figure was informed by a feeling that Sarko was standing in the way of historical materialism, rather than tender solicitude for his health.

And it gets sillier:

Should he, or should he not engage in sport? - jogging, cycling, swimming:

Trots/PCF - No. 49%
Gaulists - Yes. 54%

Shame they didn't ask about rock climbing and the like.

Meanwhile, on the old word association, 90% think he is dynamic, 80% think he is courageous, 63% think he is 'sympa' (let's translate that as 'friendly, nice') and down to earth - 50%. He should be very, very pleased with those figures. For lefties, the split on whether he is or is not 'sympa' is a far from disgraceful 48/50. Even 34% of the alphabet soup left agree, which is astonishing.

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Blogger James Higham said... 10:09 am

That's right. I've been on about the sex education issue and that came through clearly - no concern for the individual but for the "idea". One can't expect true compassion from people who are following their Statist star.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:49 pm

It's all for the common good, doncha know. Or in other words, bow down to Moloch.  

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