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The 1909 Hansard trawl, featuring Scottish drunkeness stats, nimbyism and 'diversity'

And here they are:

Mr. MURRAY MACDONALD (Lib) asked the Lord Advocate whether he can state the number of arrests for drunkenness in Scotland in the months of May and June in 1907, 1908, and 1909, and the number of committals to prison during those months in the three years?
The SOLICITOR-GENERAL for SCOTLAND (Mr. Arthur Dewar) (for Mr. Ure)

The following is the statement of the numbers of apprehensions and citations for drunkenness under the six subjoined heads:—

* Drunkenness and drunk and incapable.
* Drunk and disorderly, etc.
* Drunk in charge of child, etc.
* Drunk or drinking in a shebeen.
* Disorderly on licensed premises, etc.
* Habitual drunkenness.

And the numbers of committals to prison during the months of May and June in 1907, 1908, and 1909 are..

Calls for a chart, I think:

Quite why only May and June interested the MP is a mystery

An outbreak of nimbyism:

Sir WALTER MENZIES (Lib) asked whether the right hon. Gentleman is aware that the Lanarkshire County Council have decided to erect a slaughterhouse at Kirkfield-bank; will he say whether the Local Government Board have received any complaint upon the subject; whether the Local Government Board have satisfied themselves as to the necessity for such an erection; and, if so, whether the proposed site is to be sanctioned?

Mr. DEWAR I understand the Upper Ward District Committee of Lanark propose to erect a slaughterhouse at Kirk-fieldbank. Appeals against the proposal have been made to the Local Government Board, who have remitted the matter to their medical inspector for inquiry and report. He is arranging to visit the locus shortly.

I can find no record of Menzies being a vegetarian...

Education Rates

Mr. GEORGE HARDY asked the President of the Board of Education whether his attention had been directed to the case of a farmer who was summoned for not paying his rates, and whose ground of refusal was that Roman Catholic doctrines were taught in some of the non-provided schools in his neighbourhood, and that no Nonconformist was allowed to be even a pupil teacher or a caretaker, and that the children were taught by the clergyman that only the priest could forgive sins; and whether, as these schools receive rate aid, he proposed to take any, and, if any, what, action to stop such practices?

Mr. RUNCIMAN I have seen a newspaper report of the case to which my hon. Friend refers. The report, however, does not disclose any breach of the law and I have no power to intervene.

So who is the bad person not 'celebrating diversity' here? The farmer or the headmaster?

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