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The dinosaur stirs...

Which in this case is the TUC.

Here are some motions tabled for its annual jamboree:

Trade union rights and freedom - taking back our rights

Congress registers its total disgust and disappointment at the continuation of the anti-trade union laws throughout the United Kingdom.

Congress recognises that all initiatives and campaigns up to this time have achieved little change to employment rights for working men and women in this country.

Therefore, Congress calls upon all affiliated trade unions and the General Council to organise a series of street demonstrations throughout the United Kingdom, and selective days on which trade unions will break the anti-trade union laws by taking a general strike.

Further, these activities should continue until such time as the Government changes this anti-trade union and anti-working class legislation.

Nothing quite like sticking to one's knitting:

Trade union membership

Congress notes with concern that in 2008 trade union membership levels and union density in the UK both declined. Private sector union density fell by 0.6 per cent to 15.5 per cent and public sector union density fell by more than three times this rate - declining by 1.9 per cent. Less than half of UK employees are in a workplace where a trade union is present, and unionisation of younger workers has fallen over the past decade....Congress is further concerned that the recession will continue to intensify pressures on current and future membership levels and calls on the General Council to [recruit, publicise etc etc] raise the profile of policy work that demonstrates the value of unions to civil society e.g. on climate change and quality public services.


Thought crime:

Fighting the B*P and far right

Congress instructs the General Council to:

i) develop an economic and social programme that delivers for working class communities

vii) support measures that make B*P membership incompatible with regulated public service jobs such as police staff, teachers, doctors, nurses and others as appropriate.

That's from Unison. The PCSU takes the same approach:

Congress believes that the B*P are a racist and fascist organisation with no place in a democratic, diverse society....ii) seek an urgent meeting with government representatives to raise the issue of a ban on the employment of members of fascist and racist organisations in the public services.

Unexpectedly, the Professional Footballers Association is TUC affiliated. Any motions critical of high pay would be rather amusing, knowing that.

What about this for proletaraian solidarity?:

The Bakers, Food and Allied Workers' Union sez: "Congress notes the financial aid given to bail out the financial sector. Congress demands the Government provide the same level of support to manufacturing to save jobs, revitalise the economy, build affordable housing and assist workers struggling to pay mortgages".

I do hope that Unite will call on the government to encourage us to eat more food. After all, top breeders recommend it, as it's solid nourishment.

The GMB has found a big word, but doesn't know how to use it: "Millions of people are reliant on public sector pensions for their retirement income and now live in fear of their savings being decimated by a Tory government." Not as good as NASUWT's Nigel de Gruchy and his 'this so draconian it would shame Dracula' of some years back.

The RMT is quite ambitious:

Congress agrees to support the People's Charter, which sets out a programme for challenging the economic crisis and for a fairer society including:

i) a fair economy: taking leading banking, insurance and mortgage industries into public ownership; ending raids on pension funds, asset-stripping and corporate tax loopholes; restructuring tax so big business and the wealthy pay more.


iv) saving and improving our services: ensuring energy, transport, water, post and telecommunications are in public ownership; ending profiteering in public services; stopping EU privatisation directives


vi) a secure and sustainable future: ending the cost of war and nuclear weapons; bringing our troops home; getting rid of the debt economy and cancelling the debts of the poor of the planet.

See what I mean?

Equity says this: "Congress notes with concern the continuing reliance of television companies on reality formats to attract large TV audiences and in particular the increasing numbers of 'talent search' programmes such as Britain's Got Talent. The contestants in such programmes are often compelled to enter into restrictive contracts and because of a loophole in the National Minimum Wage Act for competitions they generally do not get paid....Congress resolves to campaign...for more variety and light entertainment, comedy and original drama to be commissioned and made in the UK, drawing on the talents of professional performers".

More later, maybe.


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Anonymous IanVisits said... 10:34 am

I wonder if the RMT's call for "ending raids on pension funds" was aimed at one Gordon Brown, who lead the largest raid on pension funds in living memory.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:38 am

Ian - if only the RMT had that degree of self knowledge....  

Blogger JuliaM said... 11:39 am

"Unexpectedly, the Professional Footballers Association is TUC affiliated."

I wondder if they will be attending any of the 'series of street demonstrations'...?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:10 pm

Julia - I do hope so, it would add enormously to the gaiety of the nation.  

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