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The Hansard Trawl, featuring slap down o' the day and life meaning nine years.

Not a whole was going on last Friday, judging from what I have found thus far:

Somebody not really getting the hang of the web, perhaps?

Mr. Stewart Jackson: To ask the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government...in what format the intranet staff handbook is held.

Mr. Malik: The terms and conditions of employment that form our staff handbook are stored on the Department's intranet site as individual web pages.

Collapse of stout party...

Something rather more serious, and of rather more significance:

Mr. Grieve: To ask the Secretary of State for Justice what average period of imprisonment had been served by prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment who were released in (a) 2007 and (b) 2008.

Mr. Straw: The numbers of life sentenced prisoners released in 2007 along with average period spent in custody for those on first release is shown in the following table.

And of lifers released in 2007, mandatory lifers had served an average of 16 years and other lifers nine years.

News to me:
Mr. Frank Field: To ask the Prime Minister whether members of the public are able to email the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister: Yes.

This has been an issue in the past, and despite what the PM says, I cannot lay hands on his e-mail address as such. There is no gbrown@gov.uk, although there is a rather rubbishy contact form, as critiqued by Dizzy a while back.

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Blogger James Higham said... 8:22 am

Would you recommend Hansard trawling as a leisure activity, Mr. C?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:25 am

Sure would - there are all sorts of gems to be found. While I focus on making mock, what has emerged over time is that a number of MPs ask a lot of the questions.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:26 am

A small number of MPs, that is.  

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