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The DPRK update, involving beer

I am indebted to Behind Blue Eyes for being a thorough gent and passing on this nugget of DPRK-related goodness.

Ushers is a defunct brewers based in Trowbridge, and the DPRK bought the brewery lock, stock etc and rebuilt in Pyongyang, where it is now brewing a rather lager-y looking concoction called Taedong River Beer.

Further digging has unearthed this from the KCNA:

"The beers including black beer and rice beer made by the Taedonggang Beer Factory are these days popular with the Pyongyang citizens. Beer houses are crowed with working people who look pleased with their successes in the current 150-day campaign. It was Juche 91 (2002) that the just built Taedonggang Beer Factory began supplying beer to the citizens. The cold and soft Taedonggang beer rich in gas content immediately came into great favor among the customers by catering to their tastes".

And here comes a DPRK traffic law that should be copied by the UK without delay:

"The refrigerator vans carrying beer have a traffic privilege on the streets of Pyongyang like cars carrying soybean milk to children".

A fine rule of the road, I am sure folk will agree.

There's a Youtube clip all about it here:

At least one of the comments that have slipped by the DPRK's red pencil merchants is quite entertaining:

"I want to make a well-known Dutch compliment to Kim Jong Il.

'Kim Jong Il moet eens flink in zijn reet geneukt worden door een roedel schurftige bruine bosberen met syfilis"

It means "May the warm rays of the sun forever shine on the honourable face of Kim Jong Il'

We reserve this compliment only to those whom we deem most worthy.
Please feel free to mention my compliment in party publications and do not forget to include the full text of the compliment as well".
I think we can all work out what 'syfilis' is, and resort to Babelfish suggests that KJI should be subjected to intimate relations involving a bear suffering that disease.

Still more digging has unveiled the DPRK's YouTube channel, so for the delectation of readers, I offer up a Korean lounge act performing 'Socialism is Good':

The lyrics, apparently, go like this:

"Socialism is good, socialism is good!
In socialist nations, the people have high status.
Overthrow the reactionaries.
Imperialism flees with its tail between its legs.
The entire nation is in great unity and has raised the socialist construction to a new height,
to a new height" Etc etc.

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Blogger JuliaM said... 5:42 pm

Their advertising is pretty, umm, unusual too...  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 6:05 pm

Good work, C. I only supplied the link, you have done sterling work with the rest!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:09 pm

Julia - I suspect that the ad was not the work of Saatchi & Saatchi's Pyongyang branch.

BE - Kind of you to say so. Cheers.  

Anonymous puzzled of nether wallop said... 2:27 pm

The 'Socialism is good' thingie is well wicked as the young people would say.

Made my nostril hair stand on end in excitement.  

Blogger banned said... 4:14 am

The salon lacked a certain atmosphere, perhaps Koreans like drinking in airport lounges.
The Show Band though is very groovy and will soon triumph over the running lackey dogs of the Eurovision Song Contest.  

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