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Survey o' the day, following a recount.

I headlined too soon. Yet another French survey, this time on trust in sundry personalities, with a remarkable array of questions.

Who would you trust to babysit your children?

Top of the list is a Belgian singer called Lio, who is a judge on what I am going to call 'French Idol', at 20%, followed by actress Carole Bouquet, star of 'For Your Eyes Only' and 'Cet obscur objet du désir'. Both are quite easy on the eye. They are followed by Yannick Noah, Isabelle Adjani and David Douillet, all at 14%. The latter is a retired judo champion, and would be quite handy if there was a break in, I imagine. Elsewhere 82 year old Simone Veil rates 10%, as does Zidane.

As to who would repay a debt, top of the list is Michael Drucker - a sort of Parky equivalent - at 17%. IMF head Dominique Strauss Kahn and Sarko tie at joint fifth at 11%.

The Pope would be the most trusted with the password to one's e-mail account at 16%, followed by Drucker. 8% would trust our old friend Bescancenot, the Trot postie.

And the questions get weirder and weirder - who would you trust to pack your parachute? Two French astronauts lead, followed by the retired Judo chap. Drucker would be most trusted with one's new car for the weekend.

Douillet is the runaway leading choice to have on one's side in a street fight at 69%, followed by Zidane. Mind you, some 7% opt for 73 year Alain Delon.

Laetitia Casta and actor / singer Patrick Bruel are the choices for spending the best night of one's life with. I can see the appeal of the former.

Businessman and no stranger to litigation Bernard Arnault is most trusted to help one deal with the recession, followed by film director / actor Dany Boon. Wha? Ils sont fous, ces Français.

Away from celebs, some 87% of Gauls have faith in their significant others, compared to 85% having faith in themselves.

Sarko is reckoned to be the man who best embodies France at 12%, followed by Zidane, DSK and Douillet at 6% apiece. Among the ladies, it is Simone Veil (17%), then actress Bouquet (16%) and the lovely Mrs Sarkozy-Bruni (9%)

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Blogger Pavlov's Cat said... 12:17 pm

I would certainly trust Isabelle Adjani to baby sit my children if I had any. And she could bring along Sophie Marceau to keep her company.

The only problem I could see, would be that then I wouldn't actually go out.

(I confess to an enormous crush on Miss Adjani since seeing One Deadly Summer as a teenager)  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:32 pm

An entirely understandable reaction, and not one I am in disagreement with. There's a whole slew of French actresses I could say the same of...  

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