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Socialists for gerrymandering

French Socialists are less than happy at the prospect of a new constituency map for France that will better reflect current demographic realities rather than previous ones. As with this great nation of ours, changes in constituencies rarely keep track with the pace of demographic change, and just like here, redistricting would favour the right, reflecting the depopulation of sundry Socialist fiefdoms. The rather unlikely figure of 577 is the sacré numéro for deputies, with much of the rebalancing involving seats for overseas and DOM/TOM French, at the expense of the 'mainland'.

However, while our own dear Labour party may not particularly like the work of the Boundary Commission when it works against it (any more than would the Tories, LDs or come to that, Kidderminster Hospital Concern if in the same position), there is at least some recognition that equal constituency sizes are an important part of a tolerably fair democracy.

Meanwhile, if current plans Outre Manche go ahead, the Socialists would lose 23 deputies and the Gaullists nine. And what are they calling this? 'An attack on democracy', in the reckoning of Pierre Moscovici, National Secretary of the PS, and inevitably yet another Enarque. His reaction is merely the most over the top, with others denoucing 'meddling', 'a manifest lack of impartiality' etc etc.

While I would accept that it would perhaps exhibit better govenance to have a greater degree of distance between constituency mappers and government, the figures on population by département are indisputable facts on the ground, no matter how much rankly hypocritical grandstanding Moscovici enages in.

Anyway, what's the French for Old Sarum?

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Blogger Oldrightie said... 10:50 am

In the UK is a secret operation manning a printing works for pre-filled postal ballots. They have just been put on overtime after this weekend's debacle.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:30 am

I do hope not, but if true I think the gutters would run red come the day after The Reckoning.  

Blogger Silent Hunter said... 12:00 pm

Croydonian - I think you should do some digging about the number of postal votes used by Labour supporters at the Glenrothes by-election result.

Oh hang!

No you can't - because spookily enough they seem to have .....ahem.....'misplaced' the voting registers; which means no one can check to see if all those Labour voters in Glenrothes who were just too tired to walk to the polling station on the day were in fact......REAL.

Why look abroad for gerrymandering, when it's right here on our own doorstep thanks to a Corrupt Labour party.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:05 pm

SH - There certainly have been more than a few 'irregularities', that's for sure. I for one would like to have electoral observers in place come 2010.  

Blogger James D said... 7:50 pm

Well, we all know what crimes New Labour committed in that Birmingham warehouse. At least the Brummies told Labour in no uncertain terms in their next local elections what they thought of their local leader, Sir Albert Bore's, failure to resign and of Millbank's (or wherever's) failure to sack him or expel their Birmingham branch. Now we know for sure that this was not ignorance or incompetence, but complicity in these methods "that would disgrace a banana republic".  

Blogger Silent Hunter said... 9:31 pm

"irregularities" - LOL :o) You have the gift of diplomacy.

I would suggest "Abject Corruption" as nearer the mark.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:23 am

James, SH - It takes quite an effort of will to euphemise these things. Electoral fraud makes me so angry I near hyperventilate when reading about it here or anywhere else.

While pretty small 'l' liberal on matters of crime and punishment, I would not get that upset if electoral fraudsters were hanged, drawn and quartered.  

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