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Something Easter-related

A curious survey, this time from the US, rather than France:

When Will Jesus Return?

Only self-described Christians were polled for this one, and only 79% sign up to believing in a second coming, which is pretty poor, frankly

20% think that the second coming will happen in their lifetimes, 33% think that biblical prophecies reveal time of His return.

34% think that things will get worse before His return, while 37% reckon that unknowable. 23% think that 'peoples and nations can affect when Christ returns'.


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Blogger Dennis said... 1:20 pm

If he comes back he'll need a pretty good lawyer.

Actually, if he comes back he will immediately be sectioned. "Hi, I'm the Messiah and this is the second coming!"

"Yes, sir, now just step this way. Try on this nice white jacket, why don't you?"  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:17 pm

Indeed, witness Dostoyevsky's 'The ;Myth of the Grand Inquisitor'.  

Anonymous Geoff said... 5:51 pm

As a contrast to 20% thinking of the second coming in their lifetime, 0% of Geoffs thought that his brother would ever get a girlfriend but was wrong. Only a range of 1 selected people polled on that one, but it still shows that survey results can be incorrect.

Anyway, compared as Saviours of the World, Jesus Saves but Gordoom didn't. One is (maybe) on his way in and one is (certainly) on his way out. Maybe it's a tag-team.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:38 am

I was under the impression that he already had returned and was currently President of the United States.

Brian, follower of Deornoth  

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