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J.K Rowling eat your heart out, or the DPRK update

Judging from the KCNA's write up, the boy wizard has nothing on the Labour-party loving (bel)lettriste of the Lothians in terms of readership:

"Working people and school youth and children of the DPRK are reading with avidity the reminiscences of President Kim Il Sung with the approach of the significant Day of the Sun.

Ardent yearning and reverence for the President are read on the faces of those reading the reminiscences in the streets, villages, parks and all other places where spring has come to stay.
(Intriguing that the book has no appeal before the vernal equinox, and is there not a terrible risk that Pyongyang's boulevardiers will collide if engrossed in KIS's memoirs?)

The reminiscences of the President "With the Century" are the most favorite books of the working people and the school youth and children among so many books in the country".

Thanks be to the power of Google, I have tracked down an English language version, and as one does not deserve one's art unless one is prepared to suffer for it, I have read part of the first chapter, and presuming the translation preserves the colour of the original, it is not a work of, ahem, staggering artistic merit. Quite what the island of Rotus taken by the Italians from the Turks is remains unknown. Rhodes?

Anyway, some chapter titles to give some flavour of the undertaking:

1.4 - A State-less vagabond in foreign places
2.2 - Disillusion
2.5 - Lee Kwan Rin - the indomitable heroin (sic)
7.4 - The Man from the Comintern. (a close relative of the man from Laramie?)
11.2 - Strange relationship
16.6 - Events to which I could not remain indifferent.

And so on.


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Blogger Tiresias said... 2:38 pm

There was a mildly drole Nick Newman cartoon in the S/Times yesterday. KJI seated at desk:

"Sure, we could send a dog into space but what would we have for lunch?"

Get your coat, Nick.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:47 pm

Not exactly culturally sensitive, but amusing nonetheless.

The Korean footballer Park Ji Sung has a chant involving his supposed preference for eating dogs invoked in his presence by Manchester United haters, although this is counterposed to what might be the case were he from Merseyside. Details googleable...  

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