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Just what every worker wants - students getting in the way

As if the helots toiling in the DPRK's power stations had not suffered enough already:

"Students of the DPRK are doing their bit in seething realities (sic) during the vacation in response to the call of the joint New Year editorial. A lot of students have been visiting the Pyongyang Thermal-power Complex....They brought home to the power producers there the content of the editorial and the letter sent by the workers of Kangson to the working people across the country. They gave sincere labor and material assistance to the workers. Their forceful political work and labor assistance raised the morale of the workers so as to increase the power production from the first shift of the year".

More likely it irritated the toiling masses beyond measure and provided a mess to clear up. With any luck, they were despatched to hunt out striped paint, a long stand etc etc.

And there's more:

"Meanwhile students of Pyongyang Jang Chol Gu University [et al] found themselves on socialist co-op farms where they helped agricultural working people in farming preparation of the year. They carried a vast amount of manure to fields together with peasants and explained in a profound way during breaks the content of the joint editorial calling for concentrating all efforts on hitting this year's target of grain production with the extraordinary determination to solve food problem by the Korean people's efforts in any circumstances to cope with the world-wide food crisis".

There you are having a fag, a cup of tea and a peer at the sports pages and some spotty student starts ranting at you. Sounds like hell on earth.

Meanwhile, and rather late in the day, here is a link
'Communist Christmas' by those wags at rathergood.com.

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Anonymous Suttonian said... 12:38 pm

But what of Kim Young 'Un - I mean Jong Un? (Seems to mean "righteous cloud").  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:05 pm

For the moment, news of KJU is not forthcoming from the KCNA. Bet he doesn't hang out in power stations though.  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 5:38 pm

seething realities

I've encountered some of them recently

and I reckon a vast amount of manure is probably the correct solution

stand aside Gordon Brown and all hail the Juche  

Blogger Tiresias said... 4:11 pm

Last hurrah from Vol. 25 of the Works before it is returned to the musty shelves, doubtless to lie undisturbed again for another 20 years.

"We should enliven the whole of society with the singing of revolutionary songs and, for that purpose, compose many songs which are pleasant to hear and which are easy to sing. Only then can we transcend retrogressive and degenerate forms with the revolutionary practices and prevent capitalist influences from infiltrating into our ranks and retrogressive practices from re-emerging in our society."

("Only"?) It calls to mind a snippet from one of the autumn 1982 editions of the now defunct Punch magazine.

Two miners from the Szechuan district of the PRC were rescued from a mine after spending two weeks underground. When asked by the local press how they had survived their ordeal, they replied that they had done so by drinking their own urine and singing revolutionary songs.

So there you go. Juche in action.  

Anonymous So17 said... 8:44 pm

I used to work at Waddon Dental Lab near croydon.
As was custom the (plaster monkey) used to train his replacement then move up the ladder.
It was my misfortune to have a Citizen Smith stereotype to train.
What a useless waste of Humanity.
He was a Socialist Worker reader so he knew the theory.
Before long i knew i was wasting my time and we gave him the bullet.
I bet he ended up working at Lunar House and is now on about 45k.
I now live in Lincolnshire, But still have a soft spot for Croydon. Chin up.  

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