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MC Ban Ki-moon drops mad rhymes

Or something like that. I'm not really that well up on my rap terminology.

So, live and direct from Turtle Bay:

"The text of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s remarks to the fiftieth anniversary gala of UNA-USA in New York, yesterday, 1 October"


"So I will try to be a bit courageous and creative myself. Since one of the honourees is my man Jay-Z, I think I’ll try his language tonight. It is a foreign language to me, but one which I love, so please bear with me.

Global Classrooms are a cinch
With the help of Merrill Lynch

When you put the org in Google
Partnerships go truly gloooobal.

There is hope for Earth’s salvation
With the Cisneros Foundation

With Jay-Z there’s double strife
Life for children and water for life

Human health will get ahead
With the valiant work of (RED)

For the poor and doing good
Stays the job of Robin Hood

UN stays on the front burner
Thanks to our champ Ted Turner

And whole revolutions stem
From the work of UNIFEM.

But tonight my special shout-out
Goes to one I can’t do without

We have travelled up and down
Frisco, Atlanta, Chicago town

Yes, the king of all the doers
Is my trusty friend Bill Luers

Bill, I cannot say goodbye
So take the floor and take a bow.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ambassador Bill Luers.

I feel quite ill.

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