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A start

From Pravda Central:

"Every neighbourhood in England and Wales will have access to the latest local crime information through new interactive crime maps, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced today.


By the end of the year every police force area will produce crime maps which will allow the public to:

* see where and when crime has happened, down to street level for some crimes;

* make comparisons with other areas; and

* learn how crime is being tackled by their local neighbourhood policing team".

So, a start, and the provision of fuller geographical data is to be welcomed. However, I fully expect the finished article to lack the capacity to drill down to the data that John and Joanne Q Citizen actually want. What I demand is information on crimes against property and against the person to post code / street level, a user friendly interface that the average person can manipulate to bring up the data they want, not an interface that only the illuminati can use. A weekly update map in the local paper would be very welcome, and entirely doable.

Beyond that, yes, I still want elected sheriffs, I want data on police patrols, arrests, clear up rates and convictions.

A bit more rumination and I may add to my wish list.

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Blogger Blue Eyes said... 2:49 pm

HM should just ask Lord Google for assistance.  

Anonymous Verity said... 3:30 pm

I don't like this idea at all, because the lazy, politically correct allow criminals to commit crimes. Now buyers will be discouraged from these streets and homeowners will be wrecked financially.

I have a cunning plan! Detect crimes, arrest perps and bang them up with a bed, a loo and three plain meals a day. For a long time. So they never want to come back.

Trust the socialists to try to look modern and interactive when the only interaction necessary is between perps, the police, the courts and prison.  

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