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A brief observation on the family Darwin

They of the Reggie Perrin-style disappearing father.

The sons have eased their pain by selling their story to the Mail on Sunday, and have been, quote 'through Hell' and want nothing to do with their parents. Their choice....

My father died nine years ago, and if he were to reappear now, I do not really care what he might have done in the preceding nine years, even if he was then to spend the rest of his life in jail. Orphaned or part orphaned friends quizzed on such an eventuality take the same stance.

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Blogger CityUnslicker said... 1:49 pm

quite what I thought too. If the boys remain estranged forever they will regret the miss.

It is likely they said what they felt the media wanted to hear to secure the money on offer.

they appear to come from a family well versed in the need for financial accumulation...  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 2:48 pm

I think I would be supremely p*ssed off at the subterfuge but mightily relieved that the worst had not, in fact, happened.  

Anonymous verity said... 8:56 pm

Yes but you are missing the critical factor - the malignity of what the Darwins did to their children. And working backward, had this mind-boggling selfishness and attention to their own needs and wants continually superseded those of their children before?

It is such a grotesque thing to do to your children. Were they ever going to admit that he was alive, I wonder? Were they going to be invited to Panama and Daddy was going to jump from behind a door shouting, "Surpri-ize!"  

Blogger TheFatBigot said... 11:44 pm

Miss Verity's second paragraph illustrates a common problem encountered by fraudsters.

By definition a fraud requires the telling of a lie in order to induce someone to do something (usually pay the liar money). Often there is someone who cannot be told of the fraud for fear they would blab. As time passes the fraudster's lie becomes reinforced by repetition to such an extent that not only has the victim of the fraud acted in reliance on it, so has the innocent blabbermouth.

What the Darwins did to their children followed this path. The sadness is that they must have a decent chance of having their sentences reduced on appeal because they only nicked a quarter of a million.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:55 am

Verity - Agreed, they are not going to win a Parents of the Year, NE England, Award, but the coverage I have skimmed suggests that prior to 'the events' they had done nothing that bad.

TFB - All too likely, but one does not have to be a Marxist to note that crimes against insurance companies are treated more fiercely than those against the man in the street.  

Anonymous Verity said... 3:25 pm

Croydonian writes: "the coverage I have skimmed suggests that prior to 'the events' they had done nothing that bad."

And until he found a delicious new recipe for mince, neither had Sweeney Todd.

What this pair did to their children was mind-boggling. And this woman never relented. She kept up the act for four years - or was it five? Four years is plenty of time to start having second thoughts. But no. She wanted that money and she wanted that new life in Panama.

And the strength of will it took to keep up the decision with the husband slopping around in his slippers in a next door room!

I hope those boys make a fortune out of their book and I hope,for their sakes and the sake of their bank accounts, it gets made into a movie. I hope they make a vastly greater sum out of this than their ghoulish mother did. And she appears to have been the engine. The father missed his boys and wanted to hear their voices.

I simply cannot agree with you on this, William.  

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