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What about the warranties?

From Hansard:

"To ask the Secretary of State for Defence what percentage of (a) CRVT, (b) Saxon, (c) Warrior and (d) Challenger vehicles are (i) in service, (ii) fit for purpose and (iii) out of service"

CRVT stands for Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked), and would seem to involve variants on what was the Scorpion design (chaps of my vintage will remember it well). Anyway, it looks to me as though any commander in charge of one of these things could do with RAC membership, or somesuch, as out of just shy of 1200, only 58% are 'Fit for purpose (currently available)', with this caveat worth noting, 'includes vehicles awaiting minor repairs and those currently in transit to operational theatres'.

The Heptarchs would be pleased that the Saxon is a tad more reliable - 97% are ready to roll. 74% of Warriors are likewise raring to go, as are 95% of Challengers.

It used to be said that much of the Soviet Union's tank force was out of commission due to thirsty soldiers having drunk the anti-freeze, so I do hope that the Naafi is keeping our squaddies lubricated.

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Anonymous The Morningstar said... 11:22 am

The problem with the Saxon tends to be driver fatigue. I remember the interminable drive from Salisbury Plain to Colchester every time we went on exercise in Northern Germany or Denmark. The route would be marked by the overturned Saxons lying on the side of the road, caused by the drivers who had fallen asleep and drifted into the verge.

The crews hated them.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:42 am

Ugly looking things, aren't they? I've just found one for sale, POA.  

Blogger Unsworth said... 1:10 pm

Ideal for the rigours of the Sainsbury's car park. The geriatric storm-troopers keep assaulting my Bentley, then there are the Latvian car washers who are desperate for a feel of my bodywork, too. This might restore the balance, somewhat.  

Anonymous JuliaM said... 5:11 pm

"Ugly looking things, aren't they?"

Mmmm. Still prettier than the Fiat Multiplathough...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:36 pm

Julia - Indeed. I am still waiting for the designer to cry 'fooled you!' at Fiat.  

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