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A public service announcement for readers holidaying in France

Avoid St Denis in the département of Seine-Saint-Denis, or in lay terms north east Paris outside the Périphérique, as it has - by far - the highest level of violent crimes per thousand inhabitants, at 31.27 per 1000.

Other places with around double or more the national average (5.93) of violent crime levels are Nice, Marseilles, Nîmes (!), and a slew of places in the Paris banlieues. All the detail here.

However, the place to leave your door unlocked (ish...) is Marly Le Roi in Yvelines, at 1.45. Looks like a nice place too and is twinned with Marlow. The town, and not the detective nor the dead man in Deptford.

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Anonymous nomad said... 10:59 am

I could not agree more Mr C, Marly is a super place to live. Beautiful countryside, fresh air and unending peace and quiet. Ideal after a day in the lunacy of Paris. I know this because that was my place of residence when I worked in Gay Paris in the 1970s. Go visit next time you are in Paris; it's only about 30 minutes from gare St Lazare.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:06 am

Well well well. Small world, although I would not want to paint it.  

Anonymous verity said... 8:30 pm

I assume St Denis is a lively, multictural environment? Festive burning of cars? Lively groups of male youths on street corners- except on Fridays?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:23 am

The St Denis municipal website describes the town's citizenry as 'young and multicultural'.

Further, it would not appear to be an enclave of Auvergnats.  

Anonymous nomad said... 11:26 am

I do not know if it is still so, but the rue St Denis used to be the red light district.  

Anonymous verity said... 8:45 pm

You know, ze Franche are not stupid. All those banlieus on the outskirts of Paris and Lyons can be isolated in an instant.

They built them so there's only one main road in and one railway line in. In the event of riot, press switch and close highway and railway track.

They're not just pretty faces and cute 'r's, you know.  

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