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Petition o' the day, or Two Nations

Yet another well thought out proposal:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to award independence to the North of England

And there's detail. Well, geographical detail.

"For many centuries the North has suffered at the hands of a London centralised government. So it is petitioned that England, from the soutern (sic) borders of Lincolnshire, Rutland, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, West Midlands, Shropshire northwards to the current border with Scotland, and westward to the current border with Wales so that we would have better control of local affairs, that has for many years been neglected by the sucessive (sic) parliaments of the UK and England".

Here is the new frontier :

I remain a Unionist, so I will avoid making any Northernist etc comments, but readers might feel the urge to add something. Note that under this proposal we Southern types would control both sides of the Watford Gap.

A quick look at the state of the parties south of the Whippet Line suggests that the Yellow Peril would hold the balance of power, with 31 seats to our 111 and Labour's 85. And there's Respect too. Above the line, the Red Rabble would be in the driving seat, and how - 187 seats to 58 (1) for us, the LDs and the Kidderminster bloke combined.

(1) - Whoops, forget about Crewe & Nantwich.

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Blogger Blue Eyes said... 4:21 pm

So we get most of Brumshire?


Anonymous Alex de Gale said... 4:26 pm

Independence for Croydon. Without Thornton Heath.  

Blogger Bill Quango MP said... 9:04 pm

What's the GDP of the North and South countries?

The North really has suffered over many centuries. Rebellion and industry mostly. If you try to depose the king, then you must win.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:13 am

BE - If PragueTory reads that... Anyway, it is Warwickshire excluding the West Midlands conurbation. As a complete sidetrack, it is high time the ancient counties were restored.

AdG - Tempting, but I suspect Purley would want to do away with CR0. Mind you, I was born in Wooodmansterne....

BQ - Now there's a thought.  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 8:59 am

Yes, I think the counties should be the basic "unit".  

Anonymous grumpy grandad said... 11:05 am

This sounds suspiciously like propaganda for the NE Regional Government quango.  

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