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Nonsense on stilts. In clown boots and dayglo orange plus fours

I have no reason to believe this is a joke:

"Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, has spoken out in favour of setting up an Asian-Pacific Union. The organisation should be based on the model of the European Union. Possible member states could be Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan and the United States. According to Prime Minister Rudd, the Asian-Pacific Union could be set up by 2020 and would mainly benefit security, and political and economic cooperation". Source

Now Rudd is a former management consultant, they being a breed that will borrow your watch and charge you for telling the time, and can be expected to come up with idiotic suggestions on a regular basis, but even so... I am no lover of the EU, but at least membership is restricted to liberal democracies with market economies.

So, always supposing Roddo has his way, presumably there will be an Asia-Pacific 'parliament' with seats allocated on the basis of population, as it as the EU (ish). At the last count China had a population of 1.3 bn, whereas setting aside Pacific Island microstates for now, New Zealand has a population of 4.2 m, meaning it would get one MAPP (so to speak) for every 309 that China did.

Then there would be the fun of dishing out Commissariats - how comfortable would the average Australian be about a Beijing appointee being the Justice, Freedom and Security Commissar, for instance?

Further parallels welcome.

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Blogger Blue Eyes said... 12:13 pm

Their CAP might be even more fun to work out than Britain v France!  

Anonymous Verity said... 7:03 pm

Indonesia, a secular democracy, is already a member of ASEAN and doubt would be interested in other hook-ups.

ASEAN is a much more natural grouping than the EU, anyway. Bahasa Melayu is the second language (which everyone can speak basically). Almost the lingua franca.

They, too, are looking at becoming more of a political union (big mistake, but there you are), but at least it's a natural grouping and they can all communicate with one another.

As you point out, Croydonian, Australia is a liberal democracy and China is not.

I will mention once again, regarding Britain, that the time for the Anglosphere has arrived. We should dump the EU and make formal arrangements with other Anglophone countries which also live under English Common Law. This makes much more sense.

(Otherwise, get down on our knees and beg to join the United States. And while I'm speaking of an idea world, John Bolton for President.)  

Blogger Barnsley Bill said... 10:06 am

Well said verity, I have pined for an anglo common market for years. Down here in NZ we have just signed a free trade agreement with China. Our Socialist govt rejected a sale of a minority shareholding in our main airport to a Canadian pension scheme but is green lighting the sale of the capitals electricity lines company to a company controlled by the peoples liberation army of china...
As for Rudd in Australia, he is another chardonnay socialist like blair without the charisma..  

Blogger Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said... 5:58 pm

Some Australians are unimpressed by the wonderful offer to give up Australian Soverignty.

Unsurprisingly this idea has basically been pulled out of his backside.  

Blogger Clunking Fist said... 7:17 am

"How comfortable would the average Australian be about a Beijing appointee being the Justice, Freedom and Security Commissar?"

Easy, don't tell him until it's a done deal, saying its too complicated for him to understand. And under no circumstances allow him a referendum.  

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