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The elephant in the room

Exciting news from Pravda Central: "£12.5 million to tackle radicalisation and help prevent extremism in communities".

And I wonder which communities the government is concerned about, and what manner of radicalisation it might be thinking of? Have you guessed yet?

OK, the press release has just under 1000 words in it, and just after the half-way point, someone - La Blears - actually points at Jumbo:

work to strengthen governance in mosques and the capacity of imams and Muslim women beginning to take a stronger role".

And thereafter, no mention of the M word at all.

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Blogger Jonathan M. Scott said... 1:34 pm

Are you sure? I thought it was £12.5 million to tackle trade union extremism!

Sorry that was £100 million for the "trade union modernisation project".  

Anonymous JuliaM said... 4:01 pm

The 'Telegraph' now has it. I thought the best bit was:

"...the presumption should be that some such individuals would face therapy and counselling from community groups instead of criminal charges."

Psychologists...? We don't need them! We have community groups!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:25 pm

Oh dear - I already had the agenda to mock the mealy-mouthedness of Blears et al so I missed that in my haste. Maybe I should keep quiet about pachyderms.  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 9:21 pm

So now Muslims who are not members of mainstream mosques are not entitled to hold their own opinions lest they are deemed "extreme"? Send them for re-education, says Mr Brown.


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