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French TV shocker - Formula One more popular than Trotskyism

At least judging by last weekend's viewing figures, with the Turkish GP attracting more viewers than an interview with my old mate Olivier Besancenot.

So far, so very so what. However, Besancenot has attracted the highest audience share for a politician so far this year, outdoing Ségolène Royal, Rachida Dati (the French equivalent of Jack Straw, if a great deal easier on the eye) and Simone Veil - still alive, amazingly enough. The interviewer is more of a Wogan / Jonathan Ross type than an Andrew Marr, from what I can divine.

However, the Trot postie has a long way to go before toppling Bernie Chirac as the most watched pol. She reaped a 27% share to his 20%. I was about to note that one would be hard pressed to find anything interesting to say about her, but apparently Mlle Chodron de Courcel's father was an Etonian, if my source is to believed. Can't say I am wholly convinced, actually.

Further digging has turned up this photograph at the Élysée's site, which I think deserves a fresh audience:

Captions welcome.....

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Blogger Nick Drew said... 1:24 pm

Ian Duncan Smith (for it is he)

Dear Ladies, I know she's insupportable, but as my Commission has proved, social exclusion is a terrible thing: couldn't she stand with you just for one photo ?  

Anonymous verity said... 2:13 pm

Nick Drew: Rather good.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:19 pm


Blogger Nick Drew said... 6:41 pm

no praise higher

*takes small bow*  

Anonymous nomad said... 3:47 am

"Whistler's Mother made to stand in a corner for nt buying an entrance ticket".  

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