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Friends in high places?

"Commissioner Sir Ian Blair has won a vote of confidence by members of the Metropolitan Police Authority...Fifteen members of the MPA supported Sir Ian, seven voted against him and there was one abstention". Source

There are 23 members of the MPA, broken down to Chairman, deputy chairmen/women, Assembly members, 'independent' members and magistrate members. Alas there is no information as to who voted which way, but given that both Livingstone and the government support Blair, it seems a tad unlikely that Labour members would vote for his head.


The Chairman - Len Duvall - Chair of the Greater London Labour Party

The Deputies

Reshard Auladin (magistrate)
Cindy Butts - 'Independent'. But she has applied for at least one Labour party candidacy.

Assembly members -

Tony Arbour (C)
Jennette Arnold (L)
Richard Barnes (C)
Dee Doocey (LD)
Nicky Gavron (L)
Damian Hockney (One London)
Elizabeth Howlett (C)
Jenny Jones (Green...)
Bob Neill (C)
Joanne McCartney (L)
Graham Tope (LD)

The 'Independent' members

Faith Boardman - Long-time taker of the State's shilling.

Toby Harris - "Toby Harris was appointed by the Home Secretary as his nominee on the Metropolitan Police Authority in July 2004. He was an elected member of the London Assembly, representing Brent and Harrow, and the Leader of the Labour Group on the GLA from 2000 to 2004". (And, incidentally, nearly decapitated by my good friend David in council elections some years back).

Kirsten Hearn - google away. I'm not saying a mumbling word.

Peter Herbert - I am pretty sure he has applied for Labour seats too, but the law of defamation being what is, I will caveat that I cannot find the evidence. Further digging came up with this: "Candidates [for the Labour party in Brent South] are believed to include Society of Black Lawyers chairman Peter Herbert"

Karim Murji - Not a lot that can be discovered about him beyond his MPA biography

John Roberts - Ditto

At the risk of being naive, I will give the magistrates the benefit of the doubt and assume that they are all political eunuchs.

So, all in all, is anyone surprised by the way the vote turned out?

As a footnote, having got part way through this I turned up links to Yorkshire Ranter, who has been investigating this issue too.

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Blogger Praguetory said... 11:34 pm

Come on C, say your piece on Kirsten. Check this scrawl from an article on her.

"Kirsten is scathing about current disability awareness training. “They’re still sending people on courses where they simulate being blind, or in a wheelchair. They can sit there, and think, ‘This is nice, it’s not so bad being disabled.’"

Obviously, any sane person's reaction to this is what's the point of taxpayers money being spent on blindfolding people - not Kirsten.

"But they don’t simulate constant pain, or mental distress, or having a heart attack. It’s twenty years behind the times, and it’s offensive."

I know some people are easily offended, but to cause offence by running courses not involving constant pain/heart attacks is breaking new ground.

"Kirsten is also a wellknown face and voice on the disability circuit, as a standup comic and a singer."

Suddenly the training course is looking like an attractive proposition.


Blogger Alex said... 11:26 am

Cindy Butts was also a researcher/bag carrier for the Financial Secretary to the Treasury; not sure when.

Richard Sumray is an Olympics bid exec; no disloyalty expected there.  

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