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Have I missed something?

From The Standard:

"Speaker Michael Martin is battling the Prime Minister over plans to scrap the post's £1.25million pension package. Currently, the Speaker is automatically entitled to a gold-plated pension of half their £137,579 salary - about £69,000 a year. The pension, which is paid regardless of how long the Speaker has served, is on top of the retirement pot they have accumulated as an MP".

Nice work if you can get it....

"Friends of Mr Martin point out that former Speakers are unable to sell their memoirs after they leave office - unlike outgoing prime ministers".

Soo, here is what previous speakers have done:

Betty Boothroyd: The Autobiography. Publisher: Century (4 Oct 2001). ISBN-10: 0712679480

Bernard Wetherill: "Lord Weatherill...decided not to write his memoirs, but his papers lodged at the University of Kent in Canterbury reveal the behind-the-scenes rows as he tried to defend MP's rights in the Commons". Source

George Thomas: Lord Tonypandy (1985). George Thomas, Mr.Speaker: The Memoirs of Viscount Tonypandy Century. ISBN 0-71260-706-4.

Selwyn Lloyd: Mr. Speaker, Sir (1976) Cape ISBN 0224013181

Horace Maybray King: An unpublished biography/autobiography of Maybray-King ("A Boy Called Horace") is in the Parliamentary Archives.

And that takes us back to 1965 and I lack the energy to dig further.
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Blogger Caroline Hunt said... 9:55 pm

Obviously I wouldn't want to sound like a filthy lefty by suggesting that was a disgusting amount of money for anyone to have anyway - however the eejit who currently inhabits the post of speaker doesn't deserve a penny.  

Anonymous grumpy granny said... 9:25 am

You clearly misunderstand his motives. All this extra cash is for redistribution to his constituents not simply to line his pockets.

(and who the hell would buy a copy of his memoirs anyway?)  

Blogger Alan Douglas said... 2:58 pm

"former Speakers are unable to sell their memoirs after they leave office"

I think in this case it would be "unable to WRITE their memoirs" ....

Alan Douglas  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:41 pm

Good points all, folks.  

Anonymous dearieme said... 7:09 pm

"From Gorbals to Gorblimey: the puke-provoking plonker that is Mick": might sell well, eh?  

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