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Challenge to the readership

That ministers, let alone Prime Ministers, do not resign these days, but rather hang on for grim death, no matter how hot the smoking gun, is a rather dispiriting fact of life. So, I was mulling on quite what it would make to shame a minister into falling on his or her sword, and then realised that there was probably nothing, and found I could concoct an excuse / 'reason' etc for whatever they had done.

Some opening suggestions:

Minister is caught confounding himself with an under-age and syphilitic llama, and appears on the front page of the News of the World

"My government has long believed that ministers are entitled to a private life, and it behoves us to celebrate alternative lifestyles"

Minister flogs full red dispatch box on ebay.

"My administration is committed to open government".

Minister lies to Parliament

"By attacking the Minister, the opposition are playing into the hands of the terrorists, and [insert D Notice] National Security issues....".

Over to you.


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Blogger Nick Drew said... 10:03 pm

an under-age and syphilitic llama

you have set the bar very, err, high Mr C and I shall need to ponder awhile before contributing  

Blogger flashgordonnz said... 11:58 pm

"By attacking the Minister, the opposition are playing partisan politics of the worst kind, and this shows their utter disregard for the concept of social justice. It is what one has come to expect from a party so beholden to big money interests, hidden agendas, paranoid europhobes and secret, anonymous donations, as well as deals stitched up in smokey backrooms in private clubs. This government, Mr SPeaker, has stood up to this kind of politicking by those on the right, has stood up time and time again for the little people, for the oppressed, the elderly and those suffering from social exclusion. Unless they are English, of course, or work in the private sector: then they can go fuck themselves".  

Anonymous grumpy granny said... 3:41 am

Minister is caught telling the truth.

Opposition resigns en masse claiming Govt can no longer be trusted.  

Anonymous verity said... 2:19 pm

Grumpy Granny - V good!  

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