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The Met says: 'Trick or treat - don't do it'

Which causes me no pain, as trick/treat is not indigenous to England. Scotland is another story, but less of that later.

However, the Met's guidelines are a classic:

"While Halloween can undoubtedly be a great deal of fun, it can also be a particularly distressing time of year for some of the more vulnerable members of our communities - especially the elderly.

With this in mind, the Metropolitan Police Service is urging trick or treaters to think carefully about which doors they knock on this Halloween. Better still, why not just stay at home and have a Halloween themed party with your friends and neighbours!"


And there's a Halloween code too, with these the highlights:

Be careful not to frighten vulnerable people, especially the elderly - Erm, how is one to know someone is vulnerable?

Don't vandalise anything or throw things like eggs and flour. This can cause a great deal of damage and misery. What's more it can be classed as criminal damage, or even assault, and a night of 'fun' could end up with you in trouble with the police - Rather limits the scope for tricking, doesn't it?

There's a handy poster with a crossed-through pumpkin to download, print and stick up in your window too. I would include it, but blogger objects to PDFs masquerading as image files. Doubtless the Met's press room is the first port of call for advice on dealing with children wearing sheets over their heads. Something similar for Carol singers etc, please?

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Blogger Ed said... 10:24 am

When we used to do trick or treat, the parents used to make sure we only knocked on doors of people they knew and who had been pre-warned. That was in pre-hoody days though and I expect that in some areas parents are just pleased to know that their kids will be out later than usual so that they can catch up with Enders and Correh.  

Anonymous dearieme said... 3:08 pm

The difference between the Scottish and American versions is that in the former you are meant to be an amusing wee imp and in the latter an odious wee turd.  

Anonymous verity said... 12:57 am

Dearieme - Agreed!

Why do the English keep on importing things they don't understand the history of? Why do they continue to give away their own traditions - All Hallows Eve - to be "American" without even understanding America?

British children do not know how to behave, because their parents have no idea, this not being part of British tradition through the generations. They - the children - are therefore uncontrolled and nasty.

In America, it's all good-natured. (As a rule; I am sure there are some very unpleasant children and parents.)

You should have kept our ancient All Hallows' Eve. But you were so eager to give your history and traditions away ... which is why you allow muslims to destroy them too. Very accommodating, you English. You're too eager to surrender.  

Anonymous nomad said... 6:05 am

Verity: I agree. I have just shamelessly snitched part of your entry above and transferred it to the latest posting by Electro-Kevin as I think it fits admirably with the subject under discussion - political correctness. Hope you and our host don't mind!  

Anonymous flat cap said... 10:23 am

in Yorkshire we have 'mischief night' (Nov. 4th). It's bit like trick or treat wihtout the option of the treat - you (or rather 'they' hem hem) just play tricks on people. Seems to be purely a local thing  

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