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Wee Eck and the Big Feartie - seconds out, round two

It looks as though what is pleased to call itself 'the Scottish Government' (as has been noted at the Devil's Kitchen) is really, really spoiling for a fight with what it refers to as 'the UK government'.

And what is the ostensible reason for the scrap? Nuclear power.

"The UK Government states that it has formed an initial view that new nuclear power stations are needed to ensure the security of energy supplies, and to tackle climate change....Our concern is that the UK Government has set out on a route to developing new nuclear power stations without adequately considering the alternatives, or indeed allowing the public to consider the alternatives as a part of this consultation. The reality is that the diversion of £ billions into nuclear power station development could have a significant adverse impact on research and development of long term clean energy alternatives to nuclear power. Unlike nuclear power, these clean energy alternatives are sustainable, and through export of energy and the related technologies could add hugely to Scotland's prosperity".

That our Caledonian neighbours are trying it on is not hugely surprising, and indeed, not hugely interesting, but the language it uses is.

There are no references to Westminster, national government or the United Kingdom (just 'the UK'), and one 'British' (British Energy, the company) in the publication called 'The Scottish Government’s response to the UK Government Consultation on the “Future of Nuclear Power”', but manages to fit in upwards of 90 references to Scotland and Scottish (excluding the footnotes) in around 3,600 words - let's say one 'scot' per 40 words. Think they might be suffering from a collective chip on the shoulder? The overall effect is rather like being trapped by the pub bore.... Anyway, at the risk of over-interpretation, language has consequences, and 'UK government' is a vastly colder phrase than 'the British government' and I do not doubt that the terminology has been chosen very deliberately.

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Blogger Ed said... 4:43 pm

If we (English taxpayers) are going to spend lots of money on nuclear power I would rather the Jocks didn't get any of the "investment", thanks very much...  

Anonymous nnomad said... 5:13 pm

Given the number of them already at the trough, I thought the Scottish Government were already in situ in Westminster..  

Blogger Newmania said... 10:02 pm

Beautiful taxes , Lonely Lib Dems....loverly stuff

It was always obvious that Salmon was going to pick fights and well anticipated ...I `ll have to have another careful look at this .
Did you know , incidentally that Broon let Westinghouse together with Britain`s nuclear expertise be sold to Toshiba two weeks before he decided we needed nuclear capacity afetr all ....
It was new to me today but there is a picture building of descision aversion if not phobia  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 10:48 pm

I'll love it when all their beautiful loch views are ruined by the 100,000 odd win turbines there are going to need just to power the hot air of the SNP alone....  

Blogger Machiavelli's Understudy said... 12:47 am

Unusually, the BBC has even turned to using the term 'Scottish Government', rather than the correct and proper 'Scottish Executive' in its coverage.

Tres odd for them...  

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