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Terrorism in Croydon

The Met has released a breakdown of data for stop and search etc under the Terrorism Act for April to August, and here are the figures for this fine borough:

Type of search

  • Stop & account - 36
  • Stop & search - 591
  • Vehicle or vessel - 7


  • Under 21 - 105
  • 21-40 - 368
  • Over 40 - 150
  • Not recorded - 11

By ethnic appearance

  • White - 321
  • Asian - 148
  • Black - 129
  • Other - 26
  • Not recorded - 10

By gender

  • Female - 37
  • Male - 590
  • Not recorded - 7

There is plenty more, broken down by borough and to sectors of Westminster and Heathrow. Excluding Westminster and Heathrow, the hot spots are Barnet, Enfield, Newham, Redbridge and Tower Hamlets, all with over 1000 stops. Hackney had the fewest, at 186. In the case of the latter, it could be that the self-detonating community think that there's nothing worth blowing up, or the Plod are too scared to venture down Mare Street in the first place.

Now including flippant commentary on borough data by age and gender in the comments....

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Blogger Praguetory said... 10:54 am

The big story must be sexist profiling?  

Blogger Ed said... 11:29 am

Indeed I am glad I don't live in such an institutionally sexist borough!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:47 am

A small spot of number crunching later, Kingston and Lewisham would appear to have the scariest women at 16.8% and 16.7%....

By the same token, the ladyfolk around Paddington must be the least threatening at 2.2%, followed by Hackney at 2.7%. Or alternatively, it is the chaps in those places that exceed all known norms for being unnerving.

Think I'll stop this before I get handbagged or worse.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:00 pm

Further digging shows that middle aged folk like humble narrator (40+) are most likely to be dangerous in Belgravia (what have they got to be angry about, eh?), Sutton and Merton. And the airports - presumably this is due to drunk suits being unable to resist the temptation to joke about having a bomb in the laptop bag. Meanwhile, it is cocoa and slippers for the middle aged in Tower Hamlets and Barking & Dagenham.  

Blogger Ed said... 12:14 pm

Someone forgot to tell PCs in Southwark that they are supposed to reduce Stop n Search and increase Stop n Account.

What is stop and account anyway:

"Excuse me Sir, would you like to tell me how much shrapnel you have in your wallet?"  

Blogger flashgordonnz said... 1:04 am

Er: what does Redbridge have in the way of targets?  

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