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Winston Churchill does techno trance

Courtesy of those wonderful people at EUtube:

Someone just a little bit more 'street' than I am tells me that the backing music at the start is techno trance, but morphs into breakbeat at the end.

Anyway, it is this speech by the Greatest Ever Englishman that the EU is mucking about with, and it has been used in a more than slightly misleading fashion. Note the following extracts:

* 'The first step in the recreation of the European family must be a partnership between France and Germany. In this way only can France recover the moral and cultural leadership of Europe. There can be no revival of Europe without a spiritually great France and a spiritually great Germany.'

* 'In all this urgent work France and Germany must take the lead together. Great Britain, the British Commonwealth of Nations, mighty America, and, I trust, Soviet Russia -for then, indeed, all would be well - must be the friends and sponsors of the new Europe and must champion its right to live.'

Delving into pointless pedantry, the evolving map of the EU shows the former DDR being part of the then Common Market in 1957, which makes the reference to Germany reuniting after the fall of the Wall look a bit silly. I suppose the inhabitants of the DOM/TOMs, let alone l'Algérie Française as it was at the time of the '57 treaty, might feel aggrieved for not showing on the map either. Same goes for Greenland.

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Blogger Lord Higham- Murray said... 1:49 pm

I challenge the label "fun and games". This is deadly serious stuff with France and Germany and they most certainly are discussing a pan-Euro army.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:01 pm

All my EU related posts are tagged as 'EU fun and games'. Feel free to soak up the irony.  

Blogger Machiavelli's Understudy said... 5:24 pm

"Techno trance"? You're being very poorly advised, matey!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:45 pm

M's U - Feel free to put me out of my ignorance. I was a little irked that I could not put gabba techno in the headline as that would have been *hugely* amusing.  

Blogger Arthurian Legend said... 8:56 pm

I think that when Greenland left the EEC, the geographical area covered by the organisation halved overnight.

It could do with some more of the Greenland treatment now...  

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