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Harriet Harman to spend more time with her bank account?

That would seem to be a reasonable inference to take from her comments to the Labour Party's conference:

"The law should be changed to allow all black short lists in parliamentary constituencies with large ethnic minorities, Harriet Harman said" (Daily Telegraph, print only, page 14).

A bit of digging shows that that Camberwell & Peckham, HH's constituency, had the following ethnic breakdown according to the 2001 census:

White: 54%
Black: 35.2%
Asian: 3.3%
Mixed: 4.1%
Other: 3.4%

So come on Hattie - surely a high earning, St Pauls-educated, law degree-holding, paper QC-holding white woman married to a high earning white man cannot hope to represent the good people of Camberwell & Peckham, can she?

I look forward to her applying for the Chiltern Hundreds later today.

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Blogger Ed said... 6:17 pm

54%? That figure surprises me.  

Blogger MJW said... 8:20 am

Does this mean that we should have "all white" shortlists in constituencies with even larger “white” populations? Or perhaps we should just forget all this racially motivated, paternalistic idiocy and just have shortlists made up of candidates with the ability to actually do the job?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:39 am

Ed, I imagine there has been a fair amount of change in the last six years.

MJW - Exactly. And it looks awfully bad for Labour's carpet baggers in the North, does it not. What next, only oldsters for the Costa Geriatrica, degree holders for university towns etc etc. And naturally, no more gay MPs ever....  

Blogger Mountjoy said... 2:40 pm

It is because there is controversy over Labour's all-women shortlists in ethnically diverse seats, which exclude black and Asian men from applying.

Elsewhere, in all-white Easington, for example, they had an open shortlist. Why no all-women shortlist there? Hmm.  

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