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Strike up the band, and let hearts surge with pride

For tomorrow is the first International Rabies Day. Chief Veterinary Officer Debby Reynolds (Dear Lord, please, please, please let her be married to Eddy Fisher...) would appear to be agin it.

Meanwhile, pity Andorra, Macedonia and Malta, all of which have clashing national days. It is also Lyndon LaRouche's birthday. He probably thinks it is a conspiracy.
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Anonymous verity said... 5:47 pm

Debbie Reynolds spells here name thusly.

What is everyone supposed to do on International Rabies Day? March with banners reading 'Say No to Rabies!'? "Say No to Global Warming! Stop Rabies Now!"?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:48 pm

Hence the Eddie/Eddy quip.

One does wonder. I think La Rage sounds so much more dramatic.  

Anonymous verity said... 9:20 pm

Ooops! Missed it! Abject apologies!  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 9:22 pm

is this the silliest international day. it sure is crazy, but it must have some stiff competition.  

Anonymous Geoff said... 4:50 am

A random On Topic comment :-) the 11th is Gibraltar's National Day here although we are celebrating it on Monday 10th to make sure we get a decent long weekend.

Rather ironic that we are trying hard to stay part of Britain when most of its other parts are trying to disappear off on their own.  

Blogger Sir James Robison said... 5:26 am

An important post, Mr. C and good to see Verity still here too.  

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