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Maybe she doesn't like gefilte fish....

Haaretz notes that Israel is getting a visit from the royal Z-list in the form of Prince Edward, although it is 'a private visit'. Furthermore, Israel has never had a state visit by Her Maj or any other members of the family Battenberg / Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. The Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales have visited 'privately'.

I appreciate that she is a busy woman and no longer in the first flush of youth, but she has gone sightseeing in the following beacons of liberal democracy:

  • Panama - 1953
  • Iran - 1961
  • Turkey - 1971
  • Yugoslavia - 1972
  • Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia - 1979
  • Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria - 1980
  • Jordan - 1984
  • China - 1986

And she's had time to visit our Canadian friends no fewer than 22 times.


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Blogger Ed said... 9:50 am

Is Canada a state visit though?

I agree she should visit some of our other allies too. I dread to think what they must think of us if all they see is T Blair prancing about.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:05 am

Jollies to Canada, Oz, NZ and so forth are tallied separately owing her to be head of state, and are termed Commonwealth visits. How she managed to fill a day in 1974 taking in the delights of Norfolk Island is a mystery.

A bit of digging turned up this which it would be selfish not to share:

"Its phone book lists people by their nicknames. So many islanders share the same surname that it is easier to find them by the sometimes bizarre tags their friends and family have given them.

So alongside all the Christians and Quintals, there is Cane Toad, Carrots, Kik Kik, Lettuce Leaf, Pumpkin and Wiggy. Moose, Moochie and Mutty are followed by Onion, Oot, Pinky and Paw Paw. Then there is Duck, Diesel, Tarzan and Snoop and - my favourite - Dar Bizziebee".

Blogger Mr Eugenides said... 10:06 am

I hadn't realised this. Why has she not visited Israel? That's a disgrace.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:16 am

Mr E - Here is the laundry list of excuses, in all its lameness:

""Official visits are organized and taken on the advice of the Foreign and Commonwealth office," Meryl Keeling, a press officer for the royal family said from London.

A spokesperson for the Foreign Office, in turn, said that Israel is "not unique" in not having received an official royal visit.

"Many countries have not had an official visit," the spokesperson said. "Members of the royal family travel extensively, and not having dialogue with the Prime Minister or Foreign Minister [during visits to foreign countries] is not uncommon." The Foreign Office spokesperson added that the queen and Prince Philip have restricted their travel considerably in recent years, presumably because of their age".

Greville Janner must be enjoying his peerage too much, because he said this:

"Lord Greville Janner, a member of the House of Lords and a leading figure in the British Jewish community, said that an official state visit to Israel would be too "politically controversial."

"A state visit would be a very clear gesture that the government does not want to make because of the reaction that might arise from neighboring states," Lord Janner told Haaretz Wednesday. "I do hope that the queen will visit Israel on a state visit. It's a pity, but they do not want to stir up trouble."

On the upside, Presidents Herzog and Weizman have both made state visits to these shores, with, I trust, their distinguished services to our military during the war helping to shame Buck House into doing the right thing.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:39 am

Meanwhile, glory be, the Norfolk Island phone book is online , and therein are listed members of the Christian family with nicknames including 'Geek', Toofy' and 'Smudge'.

No prank calls please.....  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:40 pm

Oman has Sultan Qaboos, who appoints a cabinet called the "Diwans" to assist him. He's a moderniser and a fine man. I'd rather live in Oman than Israel - a country which, despite having a "democracy", has a complete disregard for basic human rights.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:11 pm


As the saying goes, 'don't start me talking'. This is wildly off topic (and discussing the Norfolk Island phone box isn't, naturally...), will bore everyone else to tears and generate far more heat than light.

However, for now I counsel you investigate Freedom House's ranking for 2007, wherein Israel scores 1 for political rights and 2 for civil liberties. Oman rates 6 and 5 respectively, with the UK scoring 1 / 1.  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 9:25 pm

and poor Harry never got his official trip to iraq either.  

Blogger Sir James Robison said... 5:28 am

CUS - I don't think that's exactly the point here. There are mighty good reasons why she has done so.  

Blogger Jeremy Jacobs said... 12:43 pm

Absolute disgrace Her Majesty hasn't visited Israel.

Hinchcliffe - stay in Oman  

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