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Over-egging the pudding, Turtle Bay style.

Navigating the sometimes choppy waters of life, there are certain pole stars a navigator can rely on, such as telling one's date that her dress is lovely (I've made a hash of doing that at least once, but less of that later), congratulating one's vanquisher in an election, commending the vile redecoration of a friend's house and so on and so forth.

Perhaps the clearest of all those occasions where Dulux Glossy White #1 grade lying is called for is when faced with children's art. One might say of a daub, 'It is lovely', 'It is very pretty', or if lying is not really one's thing, 'It is very colourful'. But I doubt that anyone other than Brian Sewell on mind-altering drugs would comment on chiaroscuro, patina or use of the Droste effect.

However, the unfortunate deputy general secretary of the UN faced with 'The International Children’s Painting Exhibition on the Environment' chose to go quite some way beyond a selection of tired bromides:

"This exhibition brings together the passion, imagination and talent of children around the world. As you can see, these highly creative paintings capture with humour, drama and a sense of urgency, the environmental degradation caused by climate change, and its consequences for all living creatures on our planet.

These images speak better than words ever could about the fears and hopes the issue instils in children -– in the succeeding generations for whom our United Nations was created.


as these pictures show us, there is every reason to hope that the next generation will prove far better stewards of our environment".

Yes, that's what Asha-Rose Migiro went on record as saying.

Anyone wanting to judge the paintings for themselves can see them here.

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Blogger Ed said... 8:33 am

The systematic politically correct brainwashing of children happens in other countries too?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:35 am

Certainly looks like it.....  

Anonymous verity said... 1:19 pm

Bombe the fascist UN. I hate that organisation. Any new peg for control and they're onto it like a flea.

I'd like to change the climate in the UN. I believe I could do this with a lump of radium. Is that correct?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:20 pm

I have a half memory of a terrible joke about radium / Marie Curie but I can't flag it down.  

Anonymous verity said... 5:57 pm

Of course, to be truly up to date and on the cutting edge, one could make a quick dash to Moscow to purchase some Polonium 200. You could take it into the Delegates' Lounge. That would get rid of a big swathe of them right there.  

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