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How very, very bourgeois.

Japan that is.

A survey shows that "89.7 percent said they consider themselves in the middle class", a piffling 0.9% upper class
(Hello, Your Majesty), and 7.2% 'Lower class'.

Meanwhile, "
A record 69.5 percent of people surveyed across Japan are concerned or anxious about life", although not, apparently, due to middle class guilt.

Maybe they need a Luxembourg-style Minister for the Middle Classes. (Yes, I've mentioned that before, but it still amuses me no end)

For sake of comparison, ABC1's make up 54.9% of the UK adult population, and C2DE's 45%. As to the other 0.1%, it is a mystery.


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Blogger Mountjoy said... 12:50 pm

I was brought up working-class and still consider myself working-class, despite my PhD. But some statistician or administrator somewhere can't change my mindset (despite people accusing me of having a chip on my shoulder).

All I can say about the Japanese finding is that I'm not surprised. Japanese people have always struck me as being incredibly more sophisticated than a lot of UK people, so it's not a great shock.

I wonder what the % other sophisticated cultures, such as France and Italy is?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:56 pm

Old Man Croydonian (as he would hate to have been called), God rest his soul, told me that if the question was put to him he would say he was working class, on the grounds that he worked. Toiling away as a senior accountant....  

Blogger Ed said... 1:34 pm

Indeed most of us are what the moneyed classes of old would have deemed "working" class i.e. salaried.  

Blogger Newmania said... 3:43 pm

Don`t worry Mountjoy you are still prolier than thou I would "never" have guessed you had a PHD ( Hair Salon Mangement ?). I agree with Dave its time we got over where we come from and focussed on where we are going :)

I saw some stats in the DT about the amount of inf that can be imputed from your post code showing clearly the class susyem is alive and well. I hate those bastards above me and depise the low born oiks below which is as close as I come to egalitarian

PS Just kidding MJ natch  

Anonymous nomad said... 1:58 am

Such surveys ... "all make work for the working man to do..."
(with a hat tip to Bernard Cribbins ("Right, said Fred"))  

Anonymous nomad said... 4:15 am

Ooops, sorry! For Cribbens above, please read Flanders and Swann. "The Gas Man cometh". .  

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