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'When I use a word...it means just what I choose it to mean - neither more nor less.'

And playing Humpty Dumpty we have the Home Office:

"The Home Secretary committed to placing independent advice at the heart of immigration decisions today as she announced that Professor David Metcalf has been appointed as the Chair of the new Migration Advisory Committee (MAC)".


Yup, so we can look forward to Metcalf, of whom more later, advising the state to persuade the halt and the lame, the unskilled, the old, the ill etc etc that it would be a really good idea to 'migrate' somewhere. Or come to that, that the nation has too many hairdressers, estate agents or even, heaven forfend, quangocrats?

Or could it be that 'immigration' is just far too frightening a word for the Government to use?

As to Metcalf, Burnham is clearly a fan:

"I am delighted to have someone of Professor David Metcalf's calibre and experience as chair of the Migration Advisory Committee. His appointment underlines how seriously the Government takes the effective management of migration. The Committee will ensure that we are in a position to maximise the economic benefits that migration brings to the UK"

He's on message, is he not?

As to Metcalf, his CV includes a 10 year stint at the Low Pay Commission, ravening enthusiasm for trade unions and membership of the Union Modernisation Fund, which as Guido has pointed out directs some £10m a year to the syndicalists. And the syndicalists give Labour £11m.

I think I am safe in assuming that Metcalf does not spend much time hanging out at the ASI.

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Anonymous verity said... 3:08 pm

God, I hate the left. They're worse than typhoid.  

Anonymous verity said... 3:10 pm

The left is the HIV which infects and weakens and drains the human soul of health.  

Anonymous verity said... 3:15 pm

I wish we could think of a way to motivate the islamics to go after them. Read Melanie in The Speccie today - you can read it on her site if you can't be bothered to try to navigate the Hampton Court Maze known as The Spectator. She lists ways in which the left has allied itself with islam in a war against the rest of us.

David Cameron would be no different. He would bend the knee to the vile muslim council under the impression he was being intelligent, sophisticated and "inclusive". God, I'm glad I got out of Britain.  

Blogger Ed said... 6:57 pm

Isn't MAC the Mothers Against Canada?  

Blogger Roger Thornhill said... 3:13 pm

I am not a violent person, but after reading this I get the urge to stamp on David Metcalf's face.

The Left are at it again. Bending and twisting words to suit their poisonous agenda.

Migration - what are these people, wildebeast?

I see this as part of the EU plan. Migration isn't "im-" if we are all part of the great EU superstate.  

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