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Don't go to the internet for help in ridding your garden of slugs....

Another day, another piece of euro nonsense on stilts, the stilts firmly planted in clown boots:

Franco Frattini, Euro Commissar for Justice, 'Freedom' and Security has said this to Reuters:

"I have the firm intention to undertake a study with the private sector (...) on the technological means to prevent people using and seeking dangerous words like 'bomb', 'kill', 'genocide' or ' 'terrorism".

No, I am not making it up, although I have translated it from the French at Le Monde.

To be fair, Frattini's comments are glossed somewhat: "[He] is not attempting to block fora, analyses, historic details or opinions but reckons that practical details on the net can be blocked".

I am hoping to persuade Dizzy to show quite why FF does not have a prayer of making this work, but I would imagine that just about any internet user can see the technical problems. Meanwhile, I do suspect that 'How do I commit genocide?' is not that high up on google's search ranking.

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Blogger Mr Eugenides said... 10:23 am

I've no problem in principle with his comments, but it's clear that he doesn't have a clue what he's talking about. What a fool.

"Le bon équilibre, à mon avis, est de donner priorité aux droits absolus et au premier de tous, le droit à la vie."

Spoken like a true defender of freedom.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:29 am

Exactement, mon brave.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:23 pm

'I've no problem in principle with his comments'

I do, for fucks sake. Once this solution is in place, a la China, it can be used for all sorts of nightmare stuff, again, a la China, as I have said on my blog.

Sod that.  

Blogger Ed said... 7:01 pm


Actually, if you want a seriously undemocratic phase try "European Union".  

Blogger Roger Thornhill said... 2:22 pm

How can "using a word" be a problem?

I totally agree Croydonian. It is a ruse to get the fenceposts in.  

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