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Tessa Jowell, slave labour enthusiast

Our old 'friend' Tessa Jowell has poked her head out from under the wainscotting, and is engaging in the logically curious concept of celebrating an event that has not yet happened:

"Olympics Minister Tessa Jowell today celebrated one year to the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing by pledging to learn from the Chinese experience".

So, we can look forward to slave labour, extermination of the indigenous culture of outlying parts of these islands, a one child per couple policy, a one party state, a virtually zero score on the classic liberal rights and so on. Nice experience to learn from, eh?

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Anonymous verity said... 2:14 pm

Is she still the Olympics minister? I thought Brown booted her up the arse. How did this deeply dishonest sleazepot manage to cling on?  

Anonymous Sepoy Agent said... 4:01 pm

Yes, even the BBC ended its piece about Beijing olympics by saying the timescale had been achieved by the ideal of perfection and obedience. I'm not even sure if they were being ironic!  

Anonymous verity said... 5:51 pm

I don't know what is so remarkable about the Chinese saying they achieved their deadlines by the ideal of perfection and obedience. This is the Chinese way. It's not our way,but it works and I don't see any wrong, or laughable, about this.  

Blogger Ross F said... 12:28 am

Slave labour is about the only thing that could bring the London Olympics to fruition on time and on budget.  

Blogger flashgordonnz said... 2:22 am

I think perfection and obedience is okay if it is grounded in respect. Not in fear. New liver, anyone?  

Anonymous verity said... 2:34 am

Ross F - where do you we get the slave labour from, though, and how do we disable it?

I would like to join anyone looking to engineer a heartwarming failure of the London Olympics. I will do my bit. May these be the last of this money-crunching obscenity forever.

Who pays all these grandiose Olympic Committee garbage? - as on a daily basis? Salary? Health insurance? Pensions? Why?

How much salary do they get? Don't tell me they fly around the world First Class? Get away! Who pays for their God-awful blazers? The uniform of the Olympic parasite! I'd rather entertain a cockroach.  

Anonymous nomad said... 7:27 am

Verity: The simpering Ms Jowell (as she is described in the press release) is probably still in the job only because McBroon could not find anybody else willing or daft enough to take over. Looking at the tv pics from Beijing yesterday the athletes are going to have to wear smog masks most of the time - and the Aussies have already stated that they are seriously concerned about the health risks to their team members. If this air pollution problem is not tackled very quickly and effectively, and given the way China produces its energy nowadays that is likely to involve major upheavals, it would not surprise me to see a number of countries deciding not to participate this time around.

The sensible solution would be to have one permanent venue for future Games, and Athens is the obvious place for this. This would serve to prevent all the wanton destruction to older cities, the appalling waste of money these games engender and, best of all, an immediate end to the freebie swanning around the world of the committee parasites who can stay in one place.

Meanwhile we await the announcement of the imminent arrival of several thousand fully trained and experienced Chinese labourers to complete the job in London.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:31 am

I'm with Nomad on this one. A permanent home in Athens sounds like the best way forward, or failing that if it just has to stay as a very expensive version of pass the parcel, a cut down version involving track and field only.  

Anonymous verity said... 1:50 pm

Frankly the suggestion of a permanent venue in Athens is ridiculous as is every other suggestion. Don't you understand? The games cannot contintue! They are maxed out.

The ultimate speed and ultimate height have been reached. Some chemically enhanced athlete - although even this assistance is basically maxed out now - may shave 1000th of a second off something in London, and what a yawn that will be!

The Olympics is OVER. That is why they are looking around for new events. They know that no one is going to run faster or jump higher any more. That is why they brought in the laughable "sport" of sychronised swimming. At least it can never be maxed out because there is nothing to judge it by.

What next, relay bridge? Monopoly?

Stop talking about giving it a permanent home in Athens. There is nothing left of the Olympics. It's finished. The committee will have to hang up their blazers and start paying for their own air tickets. It was always a vast boondoggle. This four year infestation of the world's cities, against the will of their owners, is finished.  

Blogger MJW said... 12:45 pm

I wonder in Jowell will be celebrating some of the events in China being cancelled due to pollution? Just think, they could rinse some green propaganda out of that too.  

Anonymous nomad said... 3:48 pm

Just because records are being broken rather less frequently these days does not mean the Games should end. Before they grow up and become lazy, the "Youth of the World" need something to do to keep them off the streets, and running, jumping and swimming seem as good a way as any.  

Anonymous verity said... 5:57 pm

Nomad - Have normal sports in schools and neighbourhoods by all means. But no more professional, drug-pumped up athletes who may manage to shave one-thousandth of a second off a record. It is not worths spending hundreds of millions on the Olympic games for some prat to shave one-thousandth of a second off a record. No one gives a moneys. The Games are finished. The optimum has been reached. That is why they have introduced the absurd synchronized swimming. There aren't any real sports left that have records that can still be broken.

Live with it. The Olympics are dead meat. The London Olympics will be the last, I guarantee you.

They will morph into something else, but the Olympics as we know and loathe them are dog meat.

I just want to say how nauseating Tessa Jowell is. She is a great big fat white slug and all her draperied clothes cannot hide the fact that she is an obscene bladder of lard. Even her face makes me want to throw up. She is one of those fat, lardy, greedy socialist women. Harriett Harmon's another one. Fat. Fat. Fat lard-asses.  

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