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Union leader to Broon: be less right wing or lose the election to a more right wing party

Yup, that's what Dave Prentis of Unison reckons: "Labour is drinking at the last chance saloon. Unless there is a change of direction, unless they abandon the privatisation agenda, there will be no fourth term". Source

It is possible that he thinks the Trots/Burka Alliance will sweep to power in Labour's stead, but somehow I doubt it. For a man with a Masters from a prestigious university, he also does an impressive line in clichés.

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Blogger istanbultory said... 6:37 pm

Brown is genetically incapable of tacking left. He's been indelibly stained with the sins of Blairirsm. He is as much NuLab as TB ever was. Granted Gordo will tone down the anti-Socialist rhetoric with which TB was so enamoured and the man does have a modicum of respect for Labour history and the traditions of the "movement". But a shift leftwards.....I think not.
As for the Trots/Burka Alliance, they should be lined up against a wall......  

Blogger Ed said... 8:25 pm

I think it's the other way round - Brown will try and distance himself from the Blair years and rally the troops behind him by going a little to the left.

Meanwhile his debt fuelled boom will come rapidly to an end.

The combination of the two will see him off in 2010.  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 9:13 pm

At least the unionists continue to learn nothing. A sad day will be when they advnace with some real ideas!  

Blogger hatfield girl said... 7:50 am

Lose what election? No referendum, no election; we're being supplied with a national government, and now it's being pressed to display its socialist committment.  

Blogger istanbultory said... 8:11 am

Gordo cannot, in any way, distance himself from the substance of Blairism. Gordo has been an integral part of the NuLabour Project since 1994 and taken a commanding role in the development of economic policy and many areas of social policy since 1997. Yes, a more left-leaning tone can be expected from GB, at least in the presentation of policy, but no major shift in policy is likely.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:54 am

I anticipate more of the same, with the addition of a few 'eye-catching initiatives' to gee up some of the slower witted MPs, activists etc.  

Anonymous verity said... 1:51 pm

I thought Stamboul Tory was going to say, in his first post, that Brown is genetically defective, which I genuinely think he is.

I am sincere about this. There's something not quite right about this being.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 7:22 pm

A man with a Master's?

Would that be a real live Master's that you have to do some work for, or one of those honorary thingies that you get for having acceptable opinions and licking the right bums?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:35 pm

It looks to be the genuine article. Although it was in industrial relations or somesuch.  

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