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Overcrowding legislation

Suppose you have a family, or wish to start one. Who is the best cost avoider, as it were? Seems pretty clear that it is the parents. So, if space in one's house is limited, there would appear to be two options - limit the size of the family, or move somewhere where there is more space. Reasonable?

Not, however, in the opinion of Shelter and various other organisations they have co-opted, including the CRE. They are unhappy with the definition of overcrowding under housing law, which would appear to be this:

"A dwelling may be overcrowded when the number of persons sleeping in the property exceeds the permitted number with regard to the number and floor area of rooms available for sleeping or, where persons over the age of ten who are not living together as husband and wife, must sleep in the same room". Source

Note in particular the second clause and then consider Shelter's comments "With almost one million children now trapped in cramped, squalid conditions". Or the still more hysterical line taken by the woman from the CRE: "For most of us it is hard to imagine being crammed into a bedroom with three, four or even five other people. It's unfathomable that in 2007 almost a million children have to put up with this day in, day out".

I think this is what Bron Waugh called 'pilgering'.

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Anonymous verity said... 2:20 pm

I've decided to get into the estimating business. It doesn't take up much time, you don't have to do complicated scientific studies, you don't need any qualifications, and you get your face on the telly and you get to call John Humphreys "John".

Here are my "findings". There are one million British children living in cramped, overcrowded conditions and having to share their bedroom and computer with at least one sibling. The United Nations ranks Britain No 2 in the world in child overcrowding. No 1 is China.

There are 28m homeless people in Britain and I need a grant to do further work on this study.

There are 16.008m people "at risk" of burning their fingers on the barbecue this weekend and I am working with manufacturers to ensure they completely redesign barbecues so as to eliminate charcoal and flames to eliminate this risk.

Eighteen million women in Britain have suffered violence - including being called fat - by their "partners".

This weekend, 5.3m British men will find their "partner" has taken their most expensive suit and cut the trousers off just above the knee. Sociologists theorise that this is in response to being called fat. By the same token 17,000 men will find that their entire CD collection, including rare, no longer available, jazz recordings, has been thrown into the canal.

I can available for media interviews on any of the above studies and am entertaining offers for a guest column.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:21 pm

Quite masterful. Bravo.  

Blogger Ed said... 2:25 pm

Very good Verity - you have a job waiting for you in the race industry or as a Labour MP.

It's about time people were made to realise the consequences of their own actions - instead of running bleating to the state for more handouts when they make a mistake.

No-one picks up the pieces from my cock-ups why should I do the same for someone too stupid to use a condom?  

Anonymous verity said... 2:50 pm

Oh, dammit! I forgot the rac ... er, I was saving the study on race for later. OK, now it's later.

Shocking new figures just out after a roundup of all the lefty quangoes and special pleading organisations in Britain reveal that ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the British population have racial characteristics. This appears to be a global problem as figures in other countries are said by experts to be identical.

Spokesmen for the race industry and its satellites, speaking from luxury condominiums in Cannes and Monacco and lavish office suites in Manhattan, have identified the problem as stemming from man-made climate change. In response, they will all be flying, with their entourages, to an emergency meeting in Rio this weekend.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:56 pm

And Verity is on fire today. Great stuff.  

Blogger Newmania said... 4:10 pm

The genius that is Verity. Bow scrape.....etc.  

Anonymous this guy said... 4:15 pm

Obviously the overcrowding is caused by the oppressive, war-mongering state and is nothing to do with immigration, which, according to the left(!), has made us all so much richer, except for this guy, who's bin left out you bastards  

Anonymous verity said... 4:51 pm

Dr Rick Reiner, a sociologists, believes that inhibiting oneself from telling the truth in a relationship is damaging to both parties. Speaking at The Women's Institute, Dr Reiners said that if men feel their "partner" is overweight, it can only help the relationship if they express this opinion openly, although reassuring the woman with a comment such as "but I loved you anyway, my little butterball".

The funeral is on Tuesday at 3:00 p.m.

In a prepared statement to the media, his estranged wife said, "I am going to put on my highest heels and dance on that bastard's grave. I have been waiting years for this."  

Blogger MJW said... 5:11 pm

I hear there's lots of free housing space in Eastern Europe these days. Just a thought...  

Anonymous verity said... 10:03 pm

mjw - Yes, those would be the cramped quarters - probably still occupied by a granny in a babushka - they escaped from to come and live in Britain in cramped quarters. And if it's so cramped and squalid, they're welcome to go back home to their own squalor. In fact, they would find the British surprisingly generous regarding help with train and airfares.

From the woman from the CRE: "For most of us it is hard to imagine being crammed into a bedroom with three, four or even five other people."

Not hard for me at all. It's called boarding school and those are the dorms.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:58 pm

V - I got distracted from re-casting the item for my American friends over at Astute, but I think they will be pretty insulted by the idea that having a roomie at college meant they had living conditions that were 'Dickensian'.  

Anonymous flashgordonnz said... 3:25 am

"For most of us it is hard to imagine being crammed into a bedroom with three, four or even five other people."

Bedroom? Try the lounge (bagsy the void behind the couch) and you've got antipodeans living in London. And loving it.  

Anonymous flashgordonnz said... 3:27 am

Sorry, forgot to ask: how does legislation fix it? Does it prosocute families who "do this:" to their children? Does a court order them to vacate the premises and rent a bigger home?

Or does it result in orders to landlords to build extra rooms?  

Anonymous verity said... 4:13 am

And what about airport departure lounges if you're not flying First? They're not tooth by jowl jammed? Hello?

What about flying Economy on a crowded flight? Hello? Temporarily, a plane is a dwelling is it not? I want my human rights! I want to fly Economy and have the space and comfort one is afforded in First, but it is against my human rights to be required to pay for it because that is discrimination.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:41 am

FG - I imagine that some fortunate council is charged with finding a larger property for the overcrowdees.  

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