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Oh Canada....

The things they think worth legislating on in Ottawa:

"The federal government proposes to ban immigrants who want to come to Canada as exotic dancers, the immigration minister announced Wednesday. Canada will ban immigrants who want to come to Canada as exotic dancers, the federal government announced Wednesday". Source

It would look as though our Canadian friends give quite a lot of legislative time to worrying about strippers, as "in 2004, the Liberals scrapped the controversial program that granted temporary work visas to foreign exotic dancers. Under that program, foreign dancers could apply to fill a labour shortage in Canada in the industry".

Why would ecdysiasts and the like be making a beeline for Moose Jaw or Yellowknife anyway? Are Canadians fabulous tippers, or is there a really dynamic trade union for the sector? The mind boggles. A lot.


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Blogger Newmania said... 11:46 am

where on earth did you get the Latinate posh word for strippers C ? You should be Broon`s speech writer. Always a nugget to be found roun` here  

Blogger Ghost Cabinet said... 11:51 am

This comment has been removed by the author.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:52 am

I was going to use 'fan dancers', but decided to do a thesaurus search for something more interesting.

Apparently it is a Menckenism. Good, isn't it?  

Blogger Newmania said... 11:56 am

What exactly do you think of the humiliation of women for the titillation of men C , you seem to be playing it for laughs here but , as you know ,I take a dim view of this . I think I am going to go right ahead and castigate you for snickering at what is an insulting and misogynist activity.
You may expect your train to grind screaming to a halt in the night as you attempt to cross the border into Wales . You will be shot by fat ugly women in a tragi comic plunge across the moonlit snow.

Recant worm !  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:04 pm

Now who is being sexist.

As to the market for ecdysiasts, I am quite happy for it to proceed on a willing buyer / seller basis.  

Blogger Newmania said... 12:19 pm

Presumably then you feel the same way about drugs (legalisation of) or selling organs ? Indeed why not wives , for forced marriage , which we do allow or at least ignore.

Do you not feel that the law is there , on occassion , to protect people from exploitation by the wealthy and from there own worst impulses. Like Motor bike helemts for example ?
Would you like to see the carnage of young motor cyclists increase in view of their free will and isn`t this soul sapping theft of dignity a sort of female paralell? A choice made only by young girls for the delectation of bloated louche hedonists lost to the light and fated to voyage through a shadowy corrupted demi-monde eternally ?

Suppose your daughter announced her wish to gyrate in sexual invitation for assorted sallivating gargoyles.  

Anonymous fashion pixie said... 3:16 am

Newmania, please: if one is male, one is a gargoyle (to a greater or lesser extent) or gay. Live with it.
If an exhibitionist is "exploited", they earn money.
If a cyclist fails to wear a helmet, they dice with death.
Besides, isn't the law on helmets there to protect the taxpayer? As in, minimise expense medical & lost productivity?
If you ban ecdysiasm (could that be a word?) then you probably increase costs to the taxpayer: the would-be ecdysiasts remain on a benefit or less-well paid job.  

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