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And now the Labour MPs who did not nominate a deputy

Most of the cabinet heavy hitters did not vote, understandably enough, but there were a few others where non-voting was less immediately comprehensible:

  • Ian Austin
  • Margaret Beckett (cabinet)
  • Anne Begg
  • Tony Blair (cabinet)
  • Gordon Brown (cabinet)
  • Charles Clarke (Do you think he's got passive aggressive tendencies?)
  • David Clelland
  • John Denham
  • Roger Godsiff
  • Sylvia Heal (Deputy speaker)
  • Doug Henderson
  • Keith Hill (Blair's PPS)
  • Alan Keen) Trying to avoid a marital row, maybe?
  • Ann Keen)
  • Piara Khabra (he's not very enthusiastic, is he?)
  • John McDonnell
  • George Mudie
  • John Spellar
  • Jack Straw (cabinet)
List of MP nominators here. Of the Cabinet, worth noting that Prescott, Des Browne and Miliband came out for Johnson, Jacqui Smith (chief whip), Jowell, Kelly, Armstrong, Hutton and Reid for Blears, Alexander, Hewitt and Darling for Harman and Timms for Benn.

Hain, Benn and Blears nominated themselves, as did Broon for the leadership. Which makes his Uriah Heep speech yesterday all the more dishonest.


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Blogger Praguetory said... 12:31 pm

Maybe each of the candidates warned Charles Clarke not to back them. He's not very popular is he?  

Blogger Justin Hinchcliffe said... 1:28 pm

Piara Khabra is on his deathbed, so that's the explanation for this particular Member.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:31 pm

J - Wasn't sure if that was public domain, so I was being circumspect here and on the Broon thread.  

Anonymous Andrea said... 5:04 pm

"John Spellar"

Spellar wants to get rid of the Deputy position. So I suppose that's why he hasn't nominated anyone  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:17 pm

Spellar deserves a modest round of applause for that I think.  

Anonymous Andrea said... 12:47 pm

On the names above, Ian Austin and Ann Keen are both Gordon's PPS

As for the Keens potential marital row about Deputy choices, Ann Keen is also the sister of Sylvia Heal...at least they haven't showed a split in the family!
The Eagle sisters and the Balls/Cooper household split their votes and went for different candidates in the Deputy race.  

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