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The things Gordon Brown will do for a free copy of Vista (?)

The Would Be Lord Protector (WBLP) has been addressing the portentously named Microsoft Government Leaders Forum in Auld Reekie, and has been sucking up to Gates big time:

"It's technological advances - many of them the innovations of Bill Gates - work for not just some of the people, but all of the people. For what Bill Gates is achieving in building a partnership between rich and poor countries that addresses the health and educational needs of the poor".

The WBLP was persuaded to make another one of his coma- inducing speeches on the same day as the launch of Vista on a blameless world public, and for my sins, I have read it in its entirety.

Since he prays in aid the Sage of Kirkcaldy, a few quotes to damn him with:

"Little else is requisite to carry a state to the highest degree of opulence from the lowest barbarism but peace, easy taxes, and a tolerable administration of justice: all the rest being brought about by the natural course of things”.

"Every man is, no doubt, by nature, first and principally recommended to his own care; and as he is fitter to take care of himself than of any other person, it is fit and right that it should be so".

Anyway, some extracts:

"Instead of a retreat into the old isolationism, progress forward through partnership and cooperation:

* Cooperating together to meet energy needs and climate change; (Like Milliband and his 'Environmental Union')
* Cooperating to tackle global terrorism;
* Cooperating together to manage the global economy; (Manage? Not such a free marketeer at all, are you?)
* The means by which through restructuring our international institutions the benefits of this new world order can be shared by not just some but all. (All, that *is* a big ask)

"And so instead of recognising, and indeed celebrating, our interdependence and our connectedness as people and nations". (Let's have a big street party....)

"Scotland is today leading Britain and Europe in three areas:
* First, Scotland is creating more jobs, with unemployment today lower than London".

Maybe so, but it is higher than in Northern Ireland, the West Midlands, the North West, Wales, the East Midlands, the South West, the South East and the East and equal to that in Yorkshire and Humberside. Although it is also lower than in the North East. Doesn't sound quite so impressive now, does it?

And then, "Capital investment per pupil has grown from £100 per pupil in 1997 and by 2011 we will be spending per student over £1,000 per year, a ten-fold increase. In the past 10 years IT investment has increased sevenfold, interactive whiteboard- and IT-based learning helping the teacher be more than a lecturer and a tutor as well". I imagine he did not bother reading a report this week from the Institute of Education which found "Replacing school blackboards with hi-tech interactive whiteboards' has been a waste of £50million".


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Anonymous verity said... 2:04 pm

"Partnership" - mmmm.
"Cooperating together". No thanks, Gordon. I'm a snob. I'd rather cooperate apart. You inept moron.
"Restructuring our international institutions". What does that mean, exactly, Gordon? All international institutions? Care to tell us why?
"New world order" - scary, Gordie. I don't want a "new world order" built along the lines of what's in your greasy, slippery, not quite normal head.
"Celebrating my interdependence" ... and connectedness of people" - include me out. I don't want to be connected with you under any circumstances.

What nausea-inducing rubbish to read over breakfast.  

Blogger Praguetory said... 2:16 pm

A close relation works with Bill Gates in Seattle and has been a guest at Bill's place (in the tub). I must make a point of keeping him informed on the Brown terror.  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 2:33 pm

Just what are these scottish "created" jobs?
Oh I know , non jobs paid for with London taxes stolen by a one eyed jock marxist.  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 3:04 pm

Another reason Scotland's unemployment rate has been kept down has been the net migration of people over the past 5 years. Compare that with enormous migration into England and you will see who really is creating the most jobs...  

Anonymous Voyager said... 6:01 pm

Bill Gates inherited $1 million from his grandmother at 18.

He then pursued the best way to become a very rich man - he created a monopoly.

Even creating his monopoly he made millionaires of anti-trust lawyers and continued to sell his Microsoft Virus to the world.

The man who invented the WWW Tim Berners-Lee did not become a rich man because he made the Net open - so Gordon Brown has no interest in this Oxford graduate who worked at CERN and developed HTML.

But now we have Linus Torvalds who developed an OS that actually works and does not need to devour Intel chips and DRAM and electricity to move huge chunks of code around the Pc.

And the Open Source boys who put Open Office free on the Net to chew out Microsoft Office.

But Gordon is not interested in technology or software....just money  

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