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The art of winning, and losing, graciously

Or matters casino related.

Manchester first: "Councillor Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council said: “This is fantastic news for Manchester, and the region". So, they see the slightly bigger picture.

Greenwich: "The Leader of Greenwich Council, Councillor Chris Roberts said: "I would like to congratulate Manchester on the success of their bid and wish them every success for the future. I would also like to pay tribute to the Casino Advisory Panel for their hard work and commitment
to the process." Remarkably gracious, all things considered.
Guess who had to wade in too: "
The recommendation by the Casino Advisory Panel that the first regional casino should not go to Greenwich is disappointing. An opportunity to boost the regeneration of one of the UK’s most deprived areas has been missed".

Blackpool, however, wins the sourest of sour grapes awards, and headlines 'Peoples choice rejected': "We are surprised and hugely disappointed by the Panel’s recommendation but we are not giving up. The decision that the panel is proposing is an enormous missed opportunity for Blackpool to become a world-class resort destination. A regional casino would be a catalyst for substantial change in Blackpool. We are also the people’s choice nationally having received well over twice as much support nationally as any other location. “Of all the other locations on the regional casino shortlist, Blackpool has no other realistic alternatives for regeneration".

And the veiled suggestion of lawsuits, perhaps? : "We are convinced that casino led regeneration remains the best and right solution for Blackpool and we will therefore seek to influence the final decision which lies with the Secretary of State who can increase the number of licences".
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Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 9:32 pm

As a Mancunian I would just like to add
*flicks V's*

hahhhahahaha fuck off you southern twats and the same to you woollybacks in Blackpool
Thank you and good night.  

Blogger Jonny said... 10:14 pm

PH - is that why you choose to live in Oxford???  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:14 pm

A very Hitch response....

Real world, now that the ice has been broken, Greenwich will get one, and possibly sundry other northern pit villages apart from Manchester.  

Blogger Jonny said... 10:17 pm

C - oi. There aren't that many pits up north anymore after Thatcher closed them down in the mid 80's  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:20 pm

Nope, the mechanisms of supply and demadd and the cost of extraction killed them. Thatcher merely turned off the life support system.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:30 pm

All they need now is a Super-Brothel and Clap Clinic and the next Labour Conference can go to Manchester  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 10:41 pm

"Northern pit village"?????????
Croydonian you are in soooo much trouble.  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 10:44 pm

Manchester is NOT a northern
"pit village"  

Blogger Jonny said... 11:05 pm

Manchester's not even real northern anyway!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:10 pm

(Insert sound of fishing reel spinning)  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 11:42 pm

Small pendantic point:

UK Coal Plc is going great guns and opening more pits back up.

Jobs at last for the boys...  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 12:45 am

you and Jonny the Geordie twat had me (+:

I can visualise the film
"Chaime Elliot "
"A working class boy from the north east struggles against his family during the 1984 lox and bagel strike to fulfil his dream of becoming a london (where all the poofs live) chef"

Evening Standard

Newcastle Evening News

Manchester Evening News  

Anonymous verity said... 1:41 am

Croydonian - Very well said: "Nope, the mechanisms of supply and demand and the cost of extraction killed them. Thatcher merely turned off the life support system."  

Anonymous Tejus said... 3:11 am

try to think outside the box..  

Anonymous Observer said... 7:40 am

There aren't that many pits up north anymore after Thatcher closed them down in the mid-80s

Since there is no coal seam under Manchester it was pointless sinking any pits.

It is however damp and with Liverpool as port it did become the centre of the British Empire - "Manchester School"....but I doubt anyone living in the South would know about Manchester - more likely Bangalore where their jobs are being moved to.

What can one do when people express ignorance so brazenly....poor teachers having to amuse the ineducable !  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:48 am

Observer - we all know our industrial history etc etc, this was merely an exercise in North / South badinage.  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 9:44 am

observer , although coal seams may not run up the middle of deansgate There were collierys very nearby to the north , thats how the duke of Bridgewater became one of the countries wealthiest men.  

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