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The apparent Libyan obsession with palm and olive trees

While rootling around in search of something bloggable I stumbled upon the Jana news agency, which keeps the world up to speed with what's going on in Libya.

It has not been updated since Monday night, but of the 15 reports it carries for the day, no less than four involve trees of some description:

1 - "Secretary of Palm and Olive Trees Development Board in Great Jamahiriya expressed the Board's workers pride of the continuous concern of Great Al-Fatah Revolution about the Agriculture Sector in general and Palm-trees projects in particular"

2 - "The Regional Coordinator of Early Discovery of Palm-trees disease Project at the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development Dr. Muwlai Hassan al-Sedrah confirmed that Great Jamahiriya is free from this disease that affects palm-trees".

3 - "The National planting Campaign in Great Jamahiriya has accomplished One Million Tow Hundred and Thirty thousand seedlings by yesterday Sunday 14th of January 2007".

4 - "The Regional Training Session and the Field Day about Palm and Olive Trees Diseases kicked off this morning at al-Margheb Shabia organized by Palm and Olive Trees Development Board".

Is it that palm trees are that newsworthy, that there is a lack of good news elsewhere, or does the palm tree commisariat have the most enthusiastic press team? The other 11 reports are pure Radio Tirana - procedural matters, meetings with delegations and the electrifying news that "The Libyan Youth Associations and Tunisian Summer Camps and Youth Tourism Association signed a cooperation agreement on Monday in Tripoli".

I suspect that even my Belgian excursions rate as more entertaining than Libyan ones would.

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:27 am

Maybe The Libyan Youth Associations and Tunisian Summer Camps and Youth Tourism Association will get together for a date chapperoned by the the palm tree commisariat.  

Anonymous newmania said... 9:41 am

They should stop waffling on about the greenery and come out with some substantial policies.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:46 am

You could be right there. I'm working on new posts, by the way, but am having trouble rustling up something quick, all I can see are things that lend themselves to lengthy posts....  

Blogger james higham said... 11:08 am

Yes, what is it with this olive business? L'Ombre, on his site, is obsessed by the damned things. Do you understand it?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:15 am

They do make for a tasty snack, and no martini is complete without one, but I think obsessing about them goes too far.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:36 pm

Olive trees..is this not code words for something more sinister.

Where are our friendly lunatics of the PC fringe to help us through in troubled times?  

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