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Glorious news for loathers of the newt lover

Respect will put up someone to run against Livingstone, apparently.

So, in the race to see who can make the least subtle silent dog whistles about Jews, Livingstone will inevitably (?) be outflanked, the Left / Muslim vote will be hopelessly fractured and with any luck the Tories will pick someone who walks and talks it like a Londoner. Shame my mate James C stood down, but that's another story.
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Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 2:34 pm

you should know by now William, DC will pick some fucker that's in with his kensington & Chelsea massive.

Can I ask are you on the candidates list,or do you have nay ambitions in that regard?

do you believe in the a-list?

I ask because it allows me to read between the lines in your comments.obviously if you have any ambitions,I understand you can't be too controversial

I read Cleverly was in the Army,was he a rupert?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:45 pm

RM - I fear that the fix is in...

I am not even remotely interested in being a candidate for elected office, out of a combination of sloth and because I'll be damned if I will toe any party line if I disagree with it.

A-list. Hmm. I think it has served to give a boost to people who otherwise would not have put their names forward, some of whom are doubtless very able, but at core I like people to pay their dues - do a real job, run for council, run for an unwinnable seat etc before getting parachuted into Aga on the Wold or wherever.

James is still in the TA, and as to being a Rupert, I'd rate him as being a thoroughly down to earth, normal and decent bloke. He, incidentally, has definitely paid his dues.  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 2:56 pm

so he was in the officer corps.it's no bad thing.

it's a real reflection about how bad the partys got that people who have opinions avoid running for office.

I would agree about the a-list to the extent that it should have done what it set out to do but let's be realistic,it's full of toffs except now they're coloured or women.

we need a balance but more toffs ain't it.

that wilfred emmanuel jones is fantastic, not because he's black but because he's from bordesley green in Brum and he knows about struggling.don't get me wrong,we need clever people but some of the ones on the a-list haev no common sense.I know them.

seems to me that that cleverley fella would be good news if he weren't in aparty run by that twit DC.word is he should have had battersea but for this batty open primary thing.  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 2:57 pm

rant over  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 3:27 pm

Also nice to see that newtboy got the cold shoulder from chavez
who was apparently "too busy" to grant him an audience hehhehe
Livingston should be flayed alive, salt cured and then hung in a cage in hyde park until he dies, just to set an example (and for a laugh)
Mr Mortice I was a semi Rupert, served in two TA regts. whilst going through PO selection ,got a 12 month deferment for sandhurst after passing RCB, then slightly fucked it all up by getting a conviction for firearms offences, the offer was withdrawn
All for the best ,if it hadnt been for that I would now be a passed over major on a meagre pension or in Iraq rather than the data tycoon I am (+:  

Blogger Prodicus said... 3:55 pm

WTF is a Rupert?  

Anonymous newmania said... 3:56 pm

Never fear the Conservative answer is here. I have applied to run for Mayor. A spoon stands more chance than me of getting past the first , Conservative interview , lets admit it . I did it as a local stunt and a protest against the Boles Bus. I do intend to be exceedingly embarrassing though and I have got the support of the local Party ( in writing hey hehe ) . In fact my “vision for London” is posted now

Newmania Newmania he is our guy
Nemanania Newmania will give it a try
So vote vote vote
For something fresh and new
Newmania `s the guy
We trust to see it through

He`s strong and fearless , he `s worth a second look
He doesn`t like the IRA and he won`t write a book
He won`t do very much at all , he`ll go on holiday
So now I come to think of it Newmania sounds ok

Hurrah !!!!!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:21 pm

RM - Hmm, maybe. Although the Mighty Boris seems to be doing alright.

PH - Now that is heartening. I suppose even Chavez has standards.

Prodicus - army slang for an officer, I think.

N - You could be on to a winner there.  

Anonymous verity said... 4:00 am

Who cares about this sleazy old has-been. Wasn't he living with, but never married, the female in charge of "Amnesty International" - another lefty extortionate racket?
And consorts with radical islamics who want to destroy the West (hey, Mo, who's going to invent the next generations of mobile phones and plasma tv then? Arabs? Oh, well, they say laughing's good for the digestion...).  

Anonymous chrome said... 8:52 am

I think it's pushing it a bit to categorise anyone who lives with their partner without sanction of clergy or state as 'sleazy'  

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