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Parking in Croydon

I don't have a car, but a mate has just had his car towed away because he was timed out on the meter. Apparently the contractor can tow away as soon as a ticket has been issued, which strikes me as less than just. There is no signage or text on the meters indicating that this is the case, beyond this line: "This is a towaway zone". Having checked the Croydon Council website, the rules have been followed, and while 'ignorantia non excusat lex' (ignorance of the law is no defence) , I do not feel they have done anything like enough to publicise the possible penalties.

Where he was parked was on a quiet residential side street, and I had always been led to believe that towing away was reserved for times when a parked car was interfering with traffic, which his car most certainly was not. As we agreed, this is more a case of legalised extortion / tax farming rather than traffic management, and he is going to be skinned several hundred pounds.


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Blogger Ellee Seymour said... 1:20 pm

Didn't the Govt announce a short while ago that it was not going to be heavy handed with this kind of thing any more, parking tickets.

I was given a parking ticket recently, and I had not even run over my time. I called the council and they said the ticket inspector took a pic of my car showing it was not parked squarely in the centre of my parking bay, and that was an offence. Can you believe it? I have actually passed my advanced motorist test so I know how to park a car. They did let me off, to show their humanity, they said.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:28 pm

No wonder motorists are up in arms, frankly. My mate's reaction was that a fine was reasonable enough, but the towing away was over the top. To add insult to injury, it is a company car and he can't get proof of ownership etc until Monday. He did admit to fantasising about storming the car pound with a Kalashnikov, and I can't say I blame hime.  

Blogger barbara worth said... 5:32 pm


I'm kind of envious of your car free life style. I drive a lot- last year I did nearly 40,000 miles- and I am beginning to develop a persecution complex.

I won't be able to comment on the specifics of parking tickets (or speed cameras) without immediately sounding like Jeremy Clarkson. That is clearly a fate worse than death so I won't even go there.

Ellee: So you are an advanced motorist, as well as your other accomplishments! Respect!  

Anonymous rigger mortice said... 6:00 pm

I got a ticket last year in Birmingham on a single yellow in the evening.when I rang up they told me that the warden was right.

They also told me not to oppose it as they could double it.didn't seem fair then and it seems even less so now.

we all know they're just raising revenue and the wardens,who do have a sh1t job have to hit targets.

don't even start me on speed cameras-a tax on people who wrok and register their cars.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:01 am

While I can drive, for public safety reasons I don't. Also being within an easy walk of one of the few stations with a 24 hour service and a rather nifty tram system I really don't need to. If was anywhere rather less urban, (as I have been in the past) a car would be an absolute necessity.

I can't help thinking that if the Tories came up with more driver-friendly policies they would be on to a winner.

As to RM's point about the prospect of a doubling of a fine if his appeal failed, that violates all known jurisprudential principles and I find truly shocking.  

Blogger barbara worth said... 3:28 pm

Wiliam, Rigger

There are also those who think I shouldn't drive for public safety reasons (and at the rate I am accumulating speeding points, they may be vindicated). However, by the time I've done the school run, gone to the office and visited the odd client that's a minimum of eighty miles. I tend to agree with Rigger that this is a tax on people who work.

Croydon sounds like a positive nirvana of public transport. When my daughter started nursery school, she came home with a picture book about a bus journey. At the time we lived in a village which had a once a week bus service, so it took me about an hour to explain the concepts of a bus, a bus conductor, a bus ticket, a bus stop and a request stop. They might as well have sent a book about life on Mars.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:42 pm


Exactly. Outside of those parts of London with good trains etc, having a car is not a vanity project, it is a necessity.

The bus story is priceless, and would certainly apply where my children live.  

Blogger Ellee Seymour said... 8:09 pm

Barbara, how do you find the time to post so many comments when you are behind the wheel for so long?  

Blogger barbara worth said... 6:11 am


I multi-task! Seriously, I spend two or three hours a day driving most days. The 40,000 miles I did last year was exceptional (lots of long journeys to Wales). This year will be more like 25K. That leaves another 21 hours a day and I probably have a fifteen minute look at sites I read/and or post on two or three times a day.

William: Your children must find Croydon quite a contrast when they are with you. My daughter's father lives in a very busy area of London and I think she enjoys having two different lives. Though it is fair to say she will probably never wholly forgive us for splitting up, I think she can also now begin to see that there are some benefits (e.g. her half-sister) as well as the things she feels sad about.  

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